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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post
Meetan: The Pumpkaboo trio advance undeterred in the face of danger, or perhaps just too hungry to properly evaluate the situation. As a result, they react much too slowly, and before they know it, Samantha is already digging her Fire Fangs into one of the oncoming Ghosts. It screeches in pain, reeling from the damaging hit, its pumpkin-like body scorched and pierced... and yet it does not relent.

A swirl of leaves materializes behind the injured Pumpkaboo before homing in on the Snubbull, each like a blade slashing away at the dog's tiny frame. Fortunately, a few of the Razor Leaves veer off-path thanks to the sudden chilly wind that blows in the opposite direction, courtesy of Nina, whose Powder Snow is also proving quite effective against the living plants.

Suddenly, one of the Pumpkaboo vanishes into thin air, before emerging from Nina's own shadow and striking her from behind with Shadow Sneak, sending the young Vulpix to the ground. It floats ominously above the Ice-Type, eager to drink its cooling energy; it arches its body back, and unleashes a barrage of Bullet Seeds at point-blank range... but they bounce harmlessly off a previously-invisible Barrier hastily conjured by the inexperienced Mimi! Capitalizing on the Pumpkaboo's confusion, the Mime Jr. adds some of her own, tampering as best she can with the ghost's mind with a Confusion of her own, but to little effect...

What does prove extremely effective is Farfetch'd's contribution: biding his time to pick his target, the samurai-like wild duck finally sets his sights on the Pumpkaboo already injured by Fire Fang and Powder Snow, and with blinding-fast speed lunges at it. An Aerial Ace later, one that would've made Kojiro Sasaki proud, and the ghost screeched one final time, before evaporating completely from the field of battle and, quite possibly, the material world altogether.

"We must not relent," insisted Farfetch'd. "We outnumber them! Let us dispatch these minor foes so we can move forward!"
"Thank you, Mimi." Nina's voice was as soft as her fur and the snow that swayed the natural blades, bright eyes casting over to the nervous psychic. She had picked herself up, shaking off the unexpected blow as their quest-giver stepped in, catching sight of the first enemy fall. Samantha was mouthing off at the other Pumpkaboo, who looked too dead and hungry (what a combination) to probably be taking any of it in, anyway.

Moments after, Alice's Pokemon all exchanged glances. It was a relief that the Farfetch'd was providing more than morale support, but that was clearly appreciated, too, and seeing that one Pumpkaboo had fallen made the trio even more resolute. Mimi, who was particularly daunted by this whole affair, especially benefited from the bird's focus and aid, and Samantha was particularly spurred on by results despite the scratches cutting up her nice pink fur. How dare they.

"Again!" Nina insisted, and although the dog looked peeved to be having her pretend-leadership taken from her, the other doesn't protest. Tails fluttered once more as the fox kit went in for a second, hopefully effective powder snow, and this time Samantha changes tack. The Snubbull's mouth froths over with ice and a bright light, and the Pokemon decides to make an assault with frostbitten fangs. Mimi's barrier hopefully still intact, she aimed her confusion at the Pumpkaboo attacking Sammi, deciding that one looked the most perilous out of the remaining two. Her little hands were swirling, waving, glowing a distinct darker shade of blue against the mild snowstorm. It might have been a weak attack, but it was all the baby had, and she would hone her psychic skills here and hope for the best. It wasn't like she could mimic these beasties to death! ... Right?
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