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IDK webby seems like a fair enough character to me.

Mabel Pines was absolutely not a "I can do everything AND I'm a girl!!!" She was a flawed little spoiled piece of shit and I love her for it. She didn't show herself to be competent AT ALL over the course of the series; what she did show herself to be was bold and socially aggressive, quick to make friends and try new things. Most of the season mirrors Mabel's outward confidence and hidden insecurities with Dipper's outward caution and neuroticism but inner strength and perseverence. They temper each other out, with Mabel learning to let go of her insecurities and allow herself to mature and Dipper learning to be more assertive and confident.

Webby doesn't strike me as a character who "does everything." She seems like she's way too intense for her cousins, puts her all into whatever she's doing, and doesn't seem to be able to match the game that others are playing. Remember that the duck triplets are playing a simple little game of dart guns, and Webby fucking grabs a grappling hook and some night vision goggles, hides on the chandeliers, lays a trap that launches pillows into someone who walks by, and invents a backstory for her character as a grizzled war veteran with PTSD and a massive grudge. It's fully possible that the writers can spin off a realistic character out of that who may be too imaginative and intense for their own good.
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