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Hatching this one please! ^^
Stepping into the Hatchery you find that Doctor Grossman is waiting patiently for you, already filling out a form for the pickup of your new arrival. Standing up and reaching for a handshake, the man gleefully exclaims, "Ah! There you are, come, come, the egg started hatching just moments ago." Waving towards the incubators, sure enough an egg can be spotted with a few small cracks in it, whatever's inside having a bit of trouble with the shell. Doctor Grossman takes a moment to measure the size of the cracks with his hand before slowly peeling away at one of them, giving enough space for the hatchling to push through more easily - the small face of the floating fish emerging from the shell before wriggling out of the still fairly intact egg. The Doctor takes a moment to check some boxes on his form as he looks over the small eel that has come forth, before smiling happily and handing you the form, getting his camera ready to take some pictures of the young one. "Just give us a sign and he's all yours!"

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