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morningstar:((Pokémon declared 3/6: Mawile, Scraggy, Stufful))

At Athena's new choice of partner, Snivy smiled faintly. That smile only widened further when the human revealed her rather humorous socks, a clothing accessory Snivy couldn't understand the very concept of, but undeniably appreciated.

Like a pair of rookie spies on their first day of spy school, you and Mille mirror Snivy's every movement, like it was your instructor. You keep low, move slowly, and gently place one foot (or paw, where applicable) in front of the other so as to make as little noise as possible. Down the metal stairs to the left you go, Snivy taking the lead, until you finally reach the ground level of the Finne-Can factory.

Immediately you find yourselves in a corridor - wide and spatious enough to move around if need be, but oppressingly straightforward, lined by tall steel walls on each side and poorly illuminated by the occasional fluorescent lamp flickering precariously. The only way to go is forward, until the corridor turns 90 degrees to the right. Snivy clings to the wall and peers over to see what lies beyond before taking the turn, then urges you to do the same.

Cautiously, you take a peek around the bend as well, as does Mille - your head, the Stufful's and the Snivy's looking like a comical little tower of sneaky scouts to anyone who happened to turn around at that moment. Fortunately, nobody does.
What you can spot a little farther away, down an equally boring, unremarkable corridor as the one you came from, is a round gray creature with two arms and no legs, floating in mid-air with the occasional spark escaping from its bulky frame. You quickly identify the foe as being a Geodude endemic to the region of Alola, and it is no doubt the first guard depicted in Snivy's map.

For now, you have time to assess the situation and outline your plan. The corridor will allow for some unrestricted movement should battle be unavoidable, and you have the element of surprise. However, within the confined space of iron walls and nearby rooms, being excessively loud can prove dangerous, although probably no one will pay attention to some bumps and thumps inside a fully-functioning factory.

With all this in mind, what will you do now?

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