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Though your mind is now beyond baffingly boggled, you quickly seek the truth with the help of your Pokemon. While the Bunnelby were still in sight, Munchlax took a deep inhale to try to identify the scent of the Pokemon he had engaged with before. He thinks for a second, then yawns deeply. While rubbing its eyes with one paw, it holds up three claws with its other. This was no optical illusion, and Staryu seems to agree. Its gem flashes three times, concurring with its furry partner.

“Munch…” Your Munchlax points lazily to the Bunnelby, and you watch as they continue to run. As if they were playing some kind of giant shell game, they all switch positions several times. Munchlax looks to you, then to the Bunnelby, briefly to a nearby berry tree, then again at you. With a large, heaving sigh, he realizes he is the only one that would be able to identify the correct Bunnelby of the three. Begrudgingly, he heads off in the direction of the bouncing Pokemon, and you and Staryu follow behind. You pass through the shrine, following the cloud of dust that the Bunnebly are kicking up in their scurry. They find cover with the rock formations that decorate the grounds and appear from behind different ones, causing you further confusion. You hope Munchlax doesn’t notice as you pass by a group of shrine visitors carrying a picnic basket.

Your chase leads the three of you into a narrow pathway, surrounded by large boulders on each side. The Bunnelby are now single file, hopping as fast as ever. They are not too far ahead, and you could probably grab on to the closest one’s fluffy tail if you were determined enough. You keep up your pace, but notice that Munchlax is getting slower. The look on his face is getting more and more annoyed, and he starts to drag his round feet.
Calling this a wild goose chase would be a misnomer (they were, after all, wild hares), but not entirely innadequate. There they were, distinguished Professor, lazy Munchlax and mute Staryu, running after Bunnelby triplets for some scraps of paper.

If gods exist, they must openly enjoy mocking me...

It was away from the trees, back to Shrine, past the Shrine and into a narrow pathway lined by solid rock on both sides for them. Rorik, the one with the largest legs by a long shot, was able to keep up the pace despite his profound dislike for all manner of physical exertion; Staryu seemed more than capable of giving chase as well, seemingly unperturbed by the strain of the race (perhaps lacking a heart and lungs was beneficial in this context?), but Munchlax was, much like expected, lagging behind.

He already did so much more than I’d asked him… He more than deserves a rest.

Mid-run, Rorik reached for his belt and retrieved the empty Luxury Ball strapped to it. Almost dropping it, he finally managed to take aim and recall Munchlax, leaving the rest of the chase to him and Staryu.

“S-Staryu, listen… listen up,” Rorik said as he struggled to breathe and talk at the same time, the pace of the run starting to overwhelm him. “T-try to s-swipe… oh gods… swipe them off their feet with….oh gods, I’m going to die… with a Rapid Spin!...”

It was a long shot. The Bunnelby were inherently quicker on their feet than any human or starfish, and outrunning them wasn’t an option. But perhaps if Staryu spinned across the air like a saw blade, it could pick up enough speed to catch up to them and knock them off their feet all in a row! And if all else failed, there was one last resort he could, albeit begrudgingly, try to pull off: with a well-timed lunge, perhaps he could at least grab the last of the Bunnelby, before it irremediably outpaced Rorik for good. It would ruin his lab coat, and he’d only do it if Staryu’s Rapid Spin failed, but… it was better than losing all of them.

The sacrifices I make for science…
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