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Maskerade- Looking to put the loss behind him, Munchlax makes his way up to the table, a massive grin on his. The Lombre suddenly stumble backwards as they hear a mighty roar, they look around quickly for signs of danger. However that roar was not from some wild Pokemon, that roar came from Munchlax's stomach. The Normal type found himself hungrier than ever, having to physically exert himself in the race had drastically increased his appetite. This was his contest to lose. He looks his opponent in the eyes, a mountain of tomales is piled up in front of each of them.

"Alright hombre, there should be 100 in each pile. First to finish them all wins." The Lombre not participating prepares to start the contest, Staryu hovers nearby, keeping a close eye on the shifty duo. "On your marks, get set.....................EAT!"

Both Pokemon get off to a flying start shoveling the spicy samples into their moves, barely taking the time to chew. Munchlax slowly begins to take the lead however the food is spicier than expected. Beads of sweat begin to roll down his head but he pushes on, slowly extending his lead. Before long Munchlax has cleared half his plate with the Lombre clearly trailing. As if by fate a strong wind begins to blow, picking up sand and sending it straight into the Munchlax's eyes. Despite barely being able to see, Munchlax continues to shovel the tomales into his mouth, eating a fair bit of sand in the process. The pile seems to be running out, he was nearly there, victory was within the Munchlax's grasp.

"Finished", shouts the Lombre, "I told you I would win!" The wind begins to drop and the sand settles, eventually Munchlax sees the Lombre's empty plate while three tomales still sit on his own. How had the Lombre caught up? It didn't make any sense, he had a massive lead before the wind picked up. That is when he notices Staryu, spinning wildly around the pair of Lombre, gem flashing angrily. Scooping up and finishing the last three tomale, Munchlax makes his way around to confront the pair, Staryu must have seen something.

"Go away you pesky Staryu!" The Lombre attempt to swat Staryu away, irritated by its presence, "we won fair and square!" As Munchlax looks the pair over, nothing seems to be out of place but then Staryu bustles in between the pair and begins to spin around in the sand. The sand sprays everywhere until Staryu comes to a stop, floating back to reveal a pile of forty or so tomales buried in the sand. Staryu had court the pair cheating! "Fine we cheated alright, we didn't expect you to be able to handle the heat of them, especially since we gave you the extra spicy ones. That's a win a piece, looks like we need a tie breaker."

The Lombre discuss the plan for the next competition between themselves before eventually settling on a plan. "Alright the final contest will be a treasure hunt, one verse one again, Staryu verse myself", the Lombre who hadn't participated in the eating contest propose the challenging, singling out Staryu. "We search the beach, whoever finds the most valuable item wins. We will have a ten minute time limit, you can search the through the sand and the ocean, but no assistance from your partner or you are disqualified." The final contest has been outlined, but where would Staryu search and would it be able to overcome the Lombre who has a home field advantage?

Munchlax gained 1 level
Munchlax stared at Staryu in astonishment with a side of frustration. He'd been dismissing the starfish as a coniving trickster, but at the end of it all, it was precisely that psychic inclination that had helped them secure the victory in the round - not that Munchlax losing an eating contest was ever the question, but he'd entirely expected the Lombre duo to cheat once again. Regardless, without Staryu's help, he never would've thwarted their plan on his own.

Before being tasked by Gottfried to take care of Rorik, Munchlax would often watch the Champion's bouts at Caer Valheim - not yet strong enough to compete himself, he would see how Gottfried would always graciously (if always in his usual rough, brisk manner) complement the challengers on their efforts. The "Norse God" of Heiml remained undefeated, but his opponents would walk away with a sense of accomplishment regardless of the actual result. Munchlax always thought that behaiour was at odds with Gottfried's stoic, harsh personality, and had never really understood why he'd go out of his way to pretend to be sociable with the Trainers he'd just trampled. It wasn't until he, too, started receiving praise from Rorik that he realized how good it felt to be commended for one's efforts, and now, as much as it pained him, he had to admit Staryu deserved praise of its own.

Swallowing his pride (a decidedly less tasty meal than the one he'd just had), the bear approached the starfish and, after a moment of silence that seemed to go on forever, finally extended a hand for a fist bump. Staryu stared back at closed fist, taking a while to interpret its meaning, but when it finally did its gem flashed in sign of happiness, and it touched Munchlax's hand with the tip of one of its appendages. In its current situation, anatomically speaking, it was the best makeshift fist bump it could muster.

The Lombre hombres, in turn, weren't all too pleased with the round's outcome. Not only had they been caught red-handed, they'd effectively been bested by Munchlax at their own game. And as a result, a tie-breaker was in order!

To nobody's surprise, the last challenge was also a rigged game from the start - a treasure hunt on the Lombre's native grounds. No doubt the Grass-Types knew this place like the back of their ugly green hands, whereas Staryu, of course, did not.
The starfish, however, seemed undaunted. It stepped forward boldly, standing side by side with the Lombre that would be its opponent, while it was Munchlax's time to stay behind.

The bear watched on, knowing it would have to return the favour - because when the Lombre said "no assistance from your partner", it was fairly obvious that rule applied toRorik's Pokémon more than it did to them, if the "fairness" on display in the previous rounds was anything to go by. With that in mind, Munchlax kept a very close eye on the inactive Lombre, ready to pounce at the slightest sign of trickery.

Staryu scoured the beach and the ocean, wondering where to go first. It had no way of knowing, naturally, and expecting the Lombre to play fair was wishful thinking at best - like a human kid playing hide and seek in the street he was born in, the Grass-Type had an innate advantage that a foreigner could not compete with.

Which was why the best approach was to gain as much knowledge as the opponent.

Staryu's gem glimmered for a fraction of a second. Getting Munchlax to do its bidding, albeit questionable, had always been relatively easy; his brain was an open book because the simple-minded bear had nothing to hide. The Lombre, however, thrived on deceit, and probing his memories might prove a little harder - which was why a weak, imperceptible Psywave might be helpful in reading his mind and obtaining as much information about the layout of the beach as it could. Then, they would be on equal footing, and a fair treasure hunt could finally begin.

All the while, another thought rested on Staryu's mind - it had been ashore for a long time now. Its body craved a quick dive; not to mention that, as a rule of thumb, the sea swallowed all - even if probing Lombre's mind was unsuccessful, underwater treasures were often left undisturbed for greater periods of time, away from human meddling. For all those reasons, the sea might prove a more productive sight as far as precious loot went
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