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Little needed to be spoken between the two entities that floated ahead of their trainer--mostly because one could read the other's mind as well as speak into it--but it wasn't like Hyrem was completely left out of the conversation. His mind was linked with Sera's after all, and he could hear everything his beloved partner was communicating to the one who would soon be helping her become a mother, although he did partially wish he knew what Ulysses was thinking. Despite being mindlinked with a max-leveled Gardevoir, he wasn't privy to the minds she was reading, it seemed; he would actually have to link his own mind to theirs in order to understand what they were thinking just like he had done with Ahri and Carla and was trying to do with a few others.

Ah, but this little story wasn't about Hyrem, was it? Let's put the focus back onto Sera and Ulysses who had been bonding together, going off on their own, and of course Sera helping Ulysses remember how to talk like a human again. Part of that involved him remembering how to say a few certain words in human speech again, and he was successful. Not only that, he had discovered that he really meant those words, and now was the time for both of them to truly express just how much those words meant to each other.

As they floated inside, Hyrem was right behind them and stopped them before they were about to make their way to the desk where Dr. Grossman was waiting, saying, "Wait! Uh...before you go in...I just want to say...well, you know what I was going to say. Right."
*Yes, I do,* Sera replied to his thoughts with a smile. *And I am happy to know you, as well as knowing...well, knowing love. With another Pokemon, I mean.*
*Yeah,* nodded Hyrem. "Oh, you probably didn't know what we were saying, Ulysses. Well, just know that...I like the fact that you're the one she chose."
"R-really?" Ulysses asked, still stammering a little even after he could talk like a human again. "Th-thank much!" And with that, his blue tentacles were around Hyrem's waist, Sera's arms joining in before the trainer returned the hug. "Okay, well, good luck you two! I'll check back in a week's time to see how things are going!" He then walked over to Dr. Grossman to fill out the necessary paperwork before waving goodbye to two of his most treasured Pokemon; he could hardly wait to see what the two of them would produce!


Dropoff: Lv. 100 Gardevoir and Lv. 32 Frillish

{Time to be the first person to use their second breeding slot, we'll see what happens with this pairing!}

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