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So I tried the first cries test myself:

Spoiler: show

The fact that I missed Audino of all pokemon tilts the fuck out of me. I knew it was small and cute and the cry seemed so familiar aaa

Have to admit Noctowl, and Buneary did give me a little trouble too. I thought Nidoking was Rhyhorn/don for some reason, that Eevee was Butterfree and that Drifloon was Bibarel?? Like after finishing the quiz I remebered the 'barel's distinct cry and was like "how did I mix you both up"

And the second cries test, in which Gen V ruses me again:

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I encountered it often. In my gut I felt it was a flying type. I even tried remembering what Skyla used. Fucking Woobat rused me. Luckily so many of the other pokemon either had distinct cries (DELELELELE WOOP) or were my faves so I'd remember their cries quite quickly (Slowpoke, Miltank and Hypno - although I had to make sure Hypno's wasn't Jynx's first since they're quite close bar the fact Jynx's is drawn out slightly longer)

Spoiler: show
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