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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post
Trading my Level 1 Male Snover (blank) to EpicSquirtle for her Abra.

*Trade started*

Thank you so very much!
Trading my level 7 Abra to Maskerade in exchange for their Snover.
It's stats:
Spoiler: show


Species; Abra
Gender; Male
Level; 7
Type; Psychic
Attacks; Teleport, Fire Punch, Psychic, Thunder Punch, Skill Swap, Ice Punch, Barrier, Energy Ball, Signal Beam
Evolution; Abra -16- Kadabra -Trade- Alakazam
Nature; Calm
Ability: Undeclared.
Held item:none
Obtained: Adoption Center
Happiness Points: 0
Contest Stats: Beauty10/Cool 10/ Cute 10/ Smart 10/ Tough 10
IQ: 0

*Trade Closed*
You're welcome, and thanks as well.

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