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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Persimmon stared at you, open mouthed, as you informed him of the Parasect’s whereabouts. He looked shocked, but you noticed past the glare in his lenses that his stare was far off, he was lost in thought. Petunia nudged him slightly and he snapped back to reality.

“Not on you!” He repeated “Well then…. Well then yes…as long as the sun is still up then.” He spun around in his chair to look at the window behind him, even though there was a window in the direction he was facing previously. The sun was still in the sky, which he seemed pleased about.
“Ah! You see, the tochukaso is a parasite, very fascinating really. It’s comprised of the endoslcerotium and the stroma, and actually, you know, there’s 22 different species of anamorph that have been discovered. But Cephalosporium acreomonium is the zygomycetous species of Umbelopsis, Chrysosporium sinense, and it has very low similarity in RAPD polymorphism, so that’s not the anamorph… and then there’s species likesaria sp. Verticella sp. Scydalium sp. Stachybotrys sp. but you know, those probably aren’t it either…”

You and Petunia share a look as the scientist continues on with all the problems with the field of Mycology, inserting terms you had never even heard of that you weren’t sure were in any known language. As he dives into an increasingly angry rant about the uncontrolled population of Morelull on Ula'ula Island, Petunia politely clears her throat.

“Oh you’ll have to excuse me. I just finished a dissertation and have spent the last couple days in the lab,” he laughs sheepishly. A blank look appears on his face once more. “What was it you asked?”

“The disastrous effects, I’m assuming we’re on some kind of time limit here?” Petunia was sounding a bit more annoyed. Who knows how many of these ramblings she had listened to in the past.

“Precisely. The tochukaso germinates in the moonlight, so we have until… sundown I would say?” Persimmon had pulled a pen from behind his ear and was spinning it between his fingers. “After that, well, germination would mean that… how do I put it… your Pokemon would essentially become a Mummy.”

With the more than full explanation of the mushroom you and your Pokemon had come into unfortunate contact with, you and the two gardeners were ready to leave the cabin. You made your way across the plains once more, the sun at your backs. With little issue, you made it back to the secluded section of the garden where your day had begun. Glasspine’s Rock Tomb still stood in the grass. However, one side of it had been toppled over, and the grass beside it showed signs of something large being dragged through it. The only other sign was a gap in a nearby hedge, though it was hard to see where it led.

Alex was a patient young man, yet as Persimmon continued to explain about the properties of the mushroom family he was getting rather concerned, especially given the statement regarding the relief of the sun's presence in the sky. At Petunia's behest and nudge with an elbow, he then gave the news of the effects of germination, and the way he explained the pokemon would end up a mummy had him considerably concerned. Not like the ability, which suppresses, but like an actual mummy, trapped in a body that won't move while the parasite feeds off them...not good at all.

Returning to the plains with some speed and sun behind them, he knew speed was of the essence in saving the Roselia and Tori, and as he spotted the rock tomb, he had ill feeling in his stomach. These feelings came to fruition as the group discovered one of the sides of the tomb had been toppled, and more concerning that something had been dragged over the grass, with a hole in the hedge giving no obvious clues.

"Damn, this isn't good..." he muttered. "There's two possibilities regarding the missing Parasect. Either it broke through and hauled itself away, which I'm doubtful of given the thing was flipped...or it's not alone," reaching for another ball as Glasspine looked up at him with concern, the Sandshrew naturally worried for his friend. Releasing the occupant, the glow materialized into a vaguely insectoid shape, the purple beast stretching their segmented arms and tail as the Drapion shook herself from her rested status before turning to Alex.

"Herex, the situation's serious. This rock pile here held a Parasect that's infected Tori with something nasty, and we've got until the sun sets to find it and keep it down long enough for this other guy here to make a remedy for her. I need you to take the lead as we head for that hedge there, and use your strength to push aside a path for us, as well as your body to deflect anything from pestering us. If a wild pokemon tries to get aggressive, give them a good roar to send then scurrying. Time's of the essence, the sooner we find the Parasect the better."

Clacking her pincers, the scorpion agreed to the command, mild surprise etched on her features as she began to move for the gap in the hedge looking for a path or evidence of movement through it and beyond.
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