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If she's confirmed for Season 1, then it's pretty weird that they've chosen to fully omit her from the OP credits whilst showcasing a hodgepodge of lesser and greater villains. It's surely a deliberate decision, and might signify that they intend to save her for a big S1 cliffhanger ending. We'll have to see!

I was never a big fan of Darkwing Duck as a kid, but I'm warmer towards its inclusion in the Duck universe as an adult. I will be interested to see, though, how they have Scrooge, Gizmo Duck, and Darkwing Duck all in the same universe without stepping on each other's toes. It could be as simply solved as "Darkwing operates in St. Canard, McDuck and Gizmo Duck patrol Duckburg", but if that's not the 2017 team's intent and they instead plan to have Mr. Mallard taking up residence in Duckburg then we'll have to see how they plan to do it. In the same way that the same town doesn't require both a RoboCop and a Batman, Duckburg doesn't require both a Gizmo Duck and a Darkwing Duck. Then you toss Scrooge into the mix, what with his grand adventuring, and things can become a bit ... crowded , if they're not too careful.
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