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Magikarp Update Set 4b

Ironthunder: Your Pokemon all prepare their moves, listening to your plan intently. Hope takes her position at the edge of the waterfront, watching carefully for just a moment before phasing out of our plane and sinking into the water, a pale spectre glowing from the lake. Her eyes catch onto the Barboach, burrowing a little bit into the mud and she spins in the water, lacing a current of water with the energies from beyond the grave. On the surface, all you’re able to see is that pale glow and purple tendrils reaching out deeper into the water. You hear a whimper from below and Hope rises back up, nodding to your Grass-types.

Anna and Kaitlyn prep their shots at the Barboach, charging up from the environment around them. You notice them radiate a light green light. Caeda watches from above, stalking with talons at the ready. They watch a thin black shadow in the water poke it’s head up - likely about 10 feet away now from the coast, where the fish was much closer before. Your two Grass-types fire off thin beams of energy, and the Skarmory from above soars downwards. But as soon as those thin lines connect, Barboach cries out in pain, a sad, heartbroken whimper. Barboach dives beneath the water, so far down now that none of you are really able to see anything at all...

Caeda loops around a little bit, but no matter how far across the water she travels, there’s no thin shadow in sight within the water. Even close to you, you look into the water and see no signs of life. It seems like the Barboach wasn’t looking for a fight after all. What will you do?

134: Uhane dutifully takes to the skies, her wings struggling to gain lift. She finds enough of it to hover over the canopy above. The green seems to stretch on for quite a while - while the Mints are generally small islands, there’s more than enough space for anything at all to live on them. At first, your shining Rowlet doesn’t notice much: just light greens, dark greens, blue- wait, that’s just Kai - medium greens, maybe some mint greens, grey, maybe some more dark greens. Wait, grey?

You hear a squawk from above as Uhane drops back down. She takes a moment to try her best to convey the information to you - smoke, somewhere further onwards. It’s apparently not too far. The bird points out the direction to you, so you understand the rough idea at least. There’s some sort of civilization up ahead. Although, who knows how friendly they could really be? They’re alone out here for some reason, apparently… Your mind isn’t allowed to wander for long, as something immediately catches your attention.

After Uhane is done explaining herself, you, looking directly at her, hear something that sounds just like it should be coming from her beak. But nothing has moved. A squawking noise that rose above the other gentle hums of the jungle. Definitely Rowlet sounding, your Bird Keeper ears tell you, but Uhane sure didn’t make it. Uhane looks around, turning the full 360 degrees, and neither of you can spot anything in the dense jungle that would make it seem right. Another squawk - definitely from the same direction as where Uhane directed you. With all sorts of information presented (some clearer than others, certainly), what will you do?

Connor: See Update Set 3.

Lil'twick: With the line out into the water, you feel comfortable enough to just relax. After all, it’s not hard to. The water out here is peaceful. The sky is bright and blue. Sure, maybe your current conditions aren’t ideal, with a dubiously crafted boat and all that, but something about it definitely seemed homely. The rickety steel and the well worn wood adds character and risk of drowning. And as you listen to the two men behind you in their low hum of discussion, talking about their families, their golden days, the times like this where they get to do what they love… The location might not matter as much as you thought.

Suddenly, though, you hear the two men cheer a bit. “Hey! I got one, I think!” One of them says, pulling tight on their line. The other drops his pole and helps the other man pull up on his line, but… the two of them together can’t seem to get it. Both of them tug as much as they can, and eventually, Captain Joe steps out of the little roof for himself. As soon as he pulls up on it, in one swift flick, a white blur flies through the air and lands onto the ship’s dock, right in between you and the other groups. You see a small white Pokemon, with a little, mermaid like tail and a little horn on their head.

Yuke in particular is excited to see this new friend, feeling a particular kinship with the Pokemon - a Seel! The Seel looks around the boat at all of their new friends, and claps at the air. The two men laugh. “Look at the little one! She’s a natural around here!” The Seel slides around in a circle a little bit, and waves in particular to Yuke, smiling at her fellow seals.

Captain Joe looks to both sides. “Well, is either of youze gonna keep the little gal? Seems like a good companion, happy-go-lucky and all.” He says, walking over and kneeling down to the Seel. He gives her a few little scratches on his head. One of the two men shrug.

“We’ve got no need for a Pokemon unless she’s getting passed along to one of our kids, and we’ll gladly be around here for a bit longer, so. If you’re interested, go ahead.” The same one says. The choice is presented to you - What will you do?
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