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Jayson was worried about Atalanta. The Dartrix had been acting differently since her evolution. She had become much more rebellious, most of her time was spent preening her feathers, time she should have been spending on training. Thinking hard on the matter, Jayson decided that perhaps she needed some distance, some time to herself. Maybe she just needed a night to blow off some steam, hopefully that would do the trick.

Atalanta left as soon as the sun began to set, weaving off through the city in search of action. She had desires she had never had before, an urge for companionship other than that of her trainer. As she rounds the corner, Atalanta spots another bird sitting atop of streetlight in the distance. Perhaps this was the friend she was looking for?

(Dropping off Atalanta the female, level 20 Dartrix to breed with Raves Honchkrow (to be confirmed) If necessary Atalanta's moveset atm is Ominous Wind (EM), Tackle, Leafage, Growl, Peck, Astonish, Razor Leaf, Smack Down (TM), Air Cutter (MT), Giga Drain (MT), Foresight, Sky Attack

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