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That turned out to be exactly it. I thought it was an ad the whole time...

Anyway, I went ahead and took them properly this time. The scores are... quite different.
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Yeah... Not too pretty, but hardly a surprise to anyone who's listened to my ramblings before. Funny how the second pokemon on the Unove 'Dex did me in! (Though I did spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to spell sewaddle properly...)

Gen 5 wasn't gonna hold me back twice, though! Chandelure has one of the most distinctive cries for that generation as far as I'm concerned, and woobat... admittedly I got lucky on that one. Second guess isn't bad, right? Surprisingly, the one that gave me the most trouble was charmander- spent almost a full minute on him, wondering who it could've been seeing as it wasn't growlithe. Whoops.

@Meowth vs. Horsea- I admittedly had the advantage of nabbing both via in-game trade in Emerald recently for that one. Seeing as I had no idea what meowth's cry sounded like before that, I'd say I got lucky there indeed... Thank you random chick at the Battle Frontier!

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