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Originally Posted by AshsBabyLapras View Post
As Athena sauntered into the Hatchery, she found the front room unstaffed and devoid of both people and Pokémon. Thinking perhaps she was earlier than expected, the trainer waits in the lobby area for a while. Fortunately she has her Stufful for company, but the clock ticks away and still nobody else arrives. There's no bell at the front desk to ring in order to summon a staff member - after all, a sharp noise like that could all too easily wake a baby, or interrupt some... alone time being had in Dr Grossman's department. Athena decides to investigate. She wanders through the hall and catches the sound of a faint voice. Following it, she finds Miss Lulu, curled up on the thick rug and singing a lullaby to... a rocking chair.

It's certainly a pleasant enough melody, but it's easy enough to see how an onlooker might assume the nursemaid has turned a little eccentric. Too many days with only silent eggs as her companions? Athena makes some noise to get the possibly unhinged Lulu's attention. There's a sudden scrabbling and Miss Lulu wails "oh, no, no!" Snatching up a nearby blanket, she reaches under the rocking chair, clucking and murmuring words that Athena can't quite make out.

The nursery attendant backs up, bumping her head against the underside of the chair, setting it in motion. Slightly wobbly, the brunette in her ruffled dress stands up, cradling something. She finally seems to notice that there's a trainer in the room with her.

"Oh!" she says, instinctively holding her bundle closer to her body. Then she relaxes, recognising the girl who's mysteriously materialized before her. "Oh," she repeats, but in a different, warmer tone. Then she steals a glance at the clock on the wall. Again, "Oh." This time, it's a groan of slow realization.

"I am so sorry," Miss Lulu says, her face reddening. "This little one has needed some extra care since he hatched." Her brow furrows with concern as she gazes down at what Athena is now at least relatively confident is a Pokémon. "I expect it's difficult for them when they're born into an artificial structure like this and not safely underground," she laments. "It's really no wonder that he'd want to hide, the poor dear."

Miss Lulu spots Mille skulking about behind her trainer. "Thank goodness it's not a bird Pokémon," she sighs with relief. "You don't have any with you, do you? Oh, but if you had an Electric type...!"

The creature swaddled in the blanket starts to move around, and a pair of bicolour mandibles appear, then two large round eyes. He also seems more at ease once he sees Athena, his jaw clicking happily.

"He'll be just fine, of course," declares Miss Lulu. "But I certainly hope he'll have a trainer to help him build up his confidence." She gives Athena a meaningful smile.

Athena has hatched a lv. 1 male Grubbin!

Athena checked her phone a few times while waiting. She compared the digital time to the clock on the wall, only a couple seconds off. Mille had been biding her time wandering around the Lobby, sniffing occasionally at chairs or spots on the ground. Athena chewed at a nail with slight anxiety. Had they already closed for the day? Calling Mille's attention, she made her way down the hall, coming upon a strange sight.

A woman was on the floor, singing. After a quick look around, Athena couldn't see anything she might be singing to. She didn't want to immediately label her as off her rocker, but Athena still wasn't quite sure what was going on. She gently cleared her throat to announce her presence. This startled Miss Lulu, as well as whatever was under the chair she was serenading.

After an awkward scramble, during which Athena could only watch in confusion, the woman stood and held out the bundle of blankets in her arms. Mille made a squeak as the bundle began to move, and two bright orange pincers emerged. Cautiously, the trianer took the Pokemon from Miss Lulu, and moved the blankets out of the way to get a better look.

"Hi, you," she smiled, keeping her voice low enough to not startle the Bug type. He clicked his mandibles together joyfully, and Athena pulled her face back a bit in order to not get her hair caught in its jaws. She knelt down and placed the Pokemon next to Mille, who stuck a paw out in greeting. The Grubbin clamped down on her limb and, much to Athena's surprise, Mille didn't flinch. It seemed like the usually moody Stufful was wanting to give a warm welcome to another Alolan native. Athena collected her things and waved goodbye to Miss Lulu.

"Thank you! Hope you can get some rest soon," she told the nurse, then headed out with the two Pokemon behind her

Picking up my Lv. 1 male Grubbin!

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