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Lapras The Base at the Waterfall! Beware the Song of the Gentle Predator!

It was fascinating for Hyrem to watch his Lapras on the hunt, even more so as he was riding her back. Her head would submerge underwater, a Sing attack would be used that could only be heard below the surface, and a fish she had targeted would be lulled into a deep sleep and float to the top, easy for her to gently scoop into her mouth and send down her long throat with minimal resistance from her meal. "Wow, you're getting pretty good at that, Nami!" he said to the Pokemon ferrying him up the river to the waterfall ahead of them, who squealed happily at the compliment.

As they approached the base of the waterfall, Hyrem looked to the right of it to see a wooden house atop a big tree, apparently a popular design for quite a few trainers' secret bases as he had seen Keith, Marion, and Tate all use various trees for their bases. "Wonder who lives there?" Hyrem asked aloud to himself. "Nami, can you let me off here? I want to go check out that house up there," he asked the Lapras. With a nod, she then veered to the right, allowing her trainer to hop off of her and onto the embankment with ease. A short walk to the base of the tree, followed by a climb up the vine ladder, led him straight to what was likely the front door, which he would knock five times. "Hello? Is anyone home?" he asked, wondering who might reside in this area of Cloud Garden.

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