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OOC: For the time being, due to writer's block, uhhhhh is withdrawing from The Final Stewie-Line. I have made it clear he is free to jump back in should he feel up to it at any point.

And so began the battle, with commands being given on all sides to the various Pokémon. Already the Shadow Sky was yielding to the automatic hail brought on by Danni's Snow Warning, though the first strike was easily looking to be made by Daphne, the Shiftry zooming in to make the first hit with a Fake Out. But Ginny wasn't having any of it- as the Shadow Ledian's queen, Ginny was by no means about to just sit on the sidelines and watch this battle unfold. No, she was going to get in on the action herself! And in an instant, she rushed in, intercepting the Fake Out with a well-timed Quick Guard. This, however, left her wide open to Totsuka's Double Kick, a brutally super effective blow. However, the stubborn Steel-type refused to yield to the horribly powerful move. Wendy's Intimidate might have slightly unnerved Stewie, just enough to lower his Attack power just a bit, Ginny merely responded to the menacing presence with an insolent, almost Defiant look, seemingly gaining power from the Intimidate.


Stewie called his ally Pokémon!



Ginny appeared!
As Danni set up the Aurora Veil, and Sera Mega Evolved, Stewie made his first move. Ginny's timely interception had bought him the chance to make the first move, which was pretty much what nobody had wanted him to do. Well, to them he said, tough shit. Stewie opened his mouth, and let loose a maniacal evil laugh. As he did so, wisps of Shadow energy flew out from him, swirling all around the opposition, to general Panic. Keith gritted his teeth- he'd seen Stewie unleash Shadow Panic before, and it proved just as insidiously effective now as it did then, even if it didn't affect all the Pokémon he was up against. Hedwig the Crobat, Elenchos the Inkay, Circe the Mareep, Fragarath the Honchkrow, Amatsuru the Ponyta, Daphne the Shiftry, and Zatch the Shiny Eelektross are confused!

Sera was able to set up the Imprison move, locking Stewie out of such techniques as Reflect, Flash, Light Screen, and Safeguard, the latter two of which she attempted to use herself. Well, I say attempted- she did indeed succeed, though the Safeguard did not come in time to prevent the confusion. The only defensive move left out was Reflect, and after Elenchos's admittedly genius attempt at Topsy-Turvy was thwarted by a bout of self-inflicted damage due to confusion, the Inkay nevertheless supplied the Reflect that would shield them all.

Butternut proved itself truly useful, setting up some refreshing Grassy Terrain. Any Pokémon on the ground was gonna start slowly healing up, but this did also include Ginny, and after that Double Kick, that was something she could really use. Meanwhile, Berue went in for an Endeavor. A clever idea, indeed- bring Stewie's health down to the relatively meager amount one would expect from a low-level Pokémon at full health. Unfortunately, Ginny likewise recognized the genius of this idea, and was not about to let it happen. The Pawniard, powered up by her Defiant Ability, zoomed in and landed a forceful Iron Head on the Grass-type, one so forceful that Berue was unable to use her Endeavor attack! Berue the Tangrowth has flinched! The Tangrowth, however, tried to land a Poison Powder on Stewie, while Butternut likewise attempted Leech Seed, but Stewie responded with a Silver Wind. The Leech Seeds were stopped in midair, whereupon they fell harmlessly to the ground, though the Poison Powder was carried right back to sender on the super effective move. And moreover, Stewie seemed to have gotten even stronger for using Silver Wind- definitely not a good sign, although the Safeguard did at least mean that Berue was not poisoned by her own Poison Powder.

Daphne was not just leaving it at Fake Out! The Shiftry lunged forward for an Aerial Ace. Stewie saw this coming, and unleashed a powerful Air Slash at the oncoming Shiftry. This did not make her flinch, super effective though it was, and Stewie did take the Aerial Ace. The Beat Up, however, never came to be- the confusion reared its ugly head once more, and Stewie cackled as Daphne merely hurt herself in her confusion.

Totsuka had landed that Double Kick on Ginny, but now her target was Stewie. Laughing uproariously at the Shadow Storm, Stewie flew through the move with almost insulting ease. "Did you forget Shadow moves are next to useless against Shadow Pokémon? If you want to stop me, you're gonna have to do better than that!" Stewie taunted as he drove the point home with a point-blank super effective Iron Fist-boosted Drain Punch! Totsuka was not knocked out by the powerful move, but it had done significant damage all the same, and gave Stewie ample opportunity to evade the attempted Shadow Hold, retaliating with a curious blast of shadowy energy. Nobody seemed to know what it did, but it didn't seem to do any damage, so... how bad could it be, right?

Now, however, Stewie was focused on Wendy, who in turn was focused on Ginny. "Well, well," Stewie smirked, flying in between Wendy and Ginny. "We meet again, insolent dragon. I learned this move specifically to deal with you!" He and Ginny both shuddered slightly at the Leer attack (though Ginny once more responded with a rather Defiant glare), but Stewie was completely undeterred, and landed a super powerful, super effective, Iron Fist-boosted Ice Punch. So powerful was this that Wendy was knocked back, and was in fact forced to land as ice spread out from the point where Stewie's fist had made contact, spreading over the Salamence's body at an alarming rate- Wendy the Salamence was frozen! But wait- how could this be? Sera had used Safeguard earlier, had she not? She had indeed, yes. But then it started to occur to the Trainers- indeed, some of them may even have guessed this immediately- that unknown blast of shadowy energy that did no damage? That was Stewie's Shadow Shed! The Reflect, the Light Screen, the Safeguard, the Aurora Veil, it was gone, all gone!

Amatsuru, confused though she was, nevertheless managed to get the Sunny Day going, dispelling the hail (though not dispelling the Aurora Veil, thankfully!), though she was among the minority as far as confused Pokémon doing as ordered anyway. Circe the Mareep merely stumbled around, not getting off a single attack. Grace was able to unleash the Electroweb, and while it landed, dealing some definite super effective damage to Stewie and even chipping off some of that boosted Speed of his, Stewie nevertheless managed to get the shocking web off of him with a barrage of Comet Punches and swearwords in equal measure. Likewise, Fragarath's attempts to capitalize on Stewie's powerful stat boosts came to naught, though the Honchkrow's Incinerate still came through, burning up Stewie's staff. The Punishment that followed was swift and powerful. Offset somewhat by Stewie's considerably increased Defense, especially considering Fragarath did not manage to copy the Attack boosts, but effective nonetheless. Meanwhile, Freighya, not as confused as her Ponyta teammate, unleashed a Psychic attack. Ginny tried to intercept this, but was not quite as successful, and Stewie felt the attack. He saw the source of the Psychic and narrowed his piercing red eyes, recognizing the oddly pink Espeon immediately, and launched an Ominous Wind her way. The move did not boost Stewie's stats at all, but it proved super effective nonetheless.

Ginny sought out one opponent in particular at this point- with numerous Electric-types in the fray, this only made sense. Upon spotting Grace the Emolga, her eyes gleamed brightly as she focused intently on the Electric/Flying-type. What was this about? Only time would tell...

Given how useful Stewie's Iron Fist had been in this battle thus far, it only made sense to strip him of said Ability, and that's where Hyrem intended Zatch to come in! Only, the Shiny Eelektross was among the group that succumbed to the effects of Shadow Panic. Fortunately, it was only the Gastro Acid that failed. Unfortunately, Ginny once again stepped in to prevent an attack from hitting Stewie- this time, the Steel-type came in to harmlessly intercept the Poison-type Acid Spray. Moreover, Ginny likewise stood stubbornly in the path of the Thunderbolt, absorbing the electricity as though it was nothing. Indeed, if anything, it only served to speed her up! How was this possible? Neither Dark nor Steel was immune to Electric, and Ginny's Ability was Defiant, so-

Her Ability. Of course! That gleam in her eyes when she was focusing on Grace? That was Role Play! Ginny had copied Grace's Motor Drive Ability and was now reaping the benefits of such an Ability for herself, enabling Zatch's Thunderbolt to speed her up!

But now it was time for Ginny and Stewie to fight back! Ginny generated a number of sharp stones which embedded themselves all over the battlefield, the volley of Stealth Rock lying in wait should anyone think about switching Pokémon.

"Gah," Keith grunted as he saw the Stealth Rock go up. "Come on, Hedwig, snap out of it, let's go!" he pleaded with the Poison/Flying-type.

"Crooo... Cro!" Hedwig grunted, shaking her head as though to clear it. She darted forward, flying in towards Stewie.

"Wing Attack!!" Keith commanded.

"Cro!" Hedwig exclaimed, all four of her wings glowing as she zoomed towards Stewie, only for each wing to be met with an electrified fist as Stewie effectively countered the Wing Attack with Thunder Punch! Taken aback, Hedwig was forced to back up a bit from the super effective move. And now, Stewie unleashed a large amount of shadowy energy into the ground, upon which numerous shadowy spikes jutted up out of the ground, striking each and every combatant for super effective damage. Well, not quite- Totsuka, being a Shadow Pokémon herself, resisted the Shadow Rave, but she was the only one not to sustain heavy damage from the move. And as Stewie was busy with using Shadow Rave, Ginny sought out one opponent in particular,

Nobody had been knocked out just yet, but if one thing could be learned from this round, it was that Stewie and Ginny made for quite formidable opponents, especially when teamed up, and Stewie's enhanced shadowy aura was making things even better for the dastardly duo. How would the group respond?


-Hedwig the Crobat, Elenchos the Inkay, Circe the Mareep, Fragarath the Honchkrow, Amatsuru the Ponyta, Daphne the Shiftry, and Zatch the Shiny Eelektross are all confused from Shadow Panic (Yes, Hedwig is still confused, she just managed to fight the confusion long enough to go in for Wing Attack). Wendy the Salamence is frozen from Ice Punch. Shadow Down removed Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, and Aurora Veil's effects.

-Stewie is affected by Sera's Imprison. This locks him out of using Light Screen, Reflect, Safeguard, and Flash.

-Stewie is at +3 in Attack and Speed, and +4 everywhere else, because of Silver Wind's side effect kicking in. Psych Up and Topsy Turvy both failed due to confusion. He still has his Ability of Iron Fist. Ginny is at +3 Attack, -1 Defense, and +1 Speed, and her Ability is now Motor Drive.

-The weather is currently bright sunlight. This happened after Wendy became frozen, so it did not prevent Ice Punch from freezing. The terrain is currently Grassy Terrain.

-Everyone susceptible to Hail took a tiny bit of damage from the Hail that Danni's Snow Warning had called up before Amatsuru used Sunny Day. This does include Ginny and Stewie. Everyone on the ground healed up a bit of damage due to Grassy Terrain.

My Shiny Pokémon (not up for trade, I don't do requests for Shiny banners or recolored Pokken artwork). FB team banners like the one above, however, those I do requests for.

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