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It doesn’t take a wealth of knowledge and experience to realize you’re outmatched, and that perhaps bringing the fight to the Snivy was a premature decision. Fortunately you change your mind before making too much noise and prepare to recall your partners for now.

Still, you can’t help but notice this encounter, as well as the previous successful break-in, have strengthened your collective bond – despite his exhaustion, it’s obvious that Monte’s punches are growing stronger by the minute, no doubt that climb and this short battle having helped in that regard.

Monte has gained 2 Levels!

You aim the Pokéball at the worn-out Scraggy and successfully recall him into the device; to this, Snivy reacts with a sigh of relief, before actually positioning itself so that recalling the trapped Éclair is an easier task for you – instead of trying to make your life harder, it’s as if the Grass-Type wants you to stop fighting.

You aim the beam at your Mawile, who continues to struggle against the vines. Her movement is relentless, shaking violently to try and break free from her predicament. You can’t help but feel her resolve has also grown stronger, between climbing into the warehouse all on her own and the face-off with Snivy that you didn’t get to witness from the start…

Éclair has gained 1 Level!

You finally manage to call your friend back into her Ball, after which Snivy retracts its vines and walks over to you with a careful, but not openly hostile, expression. It stops directly in front of you, and courteously extends a vine as if asking for a handshake. All the while, it keeps peering over to the ground floor, several feet below the metal walkway you stand on, as if trying to spot movement…
Upon closer examination, now that it has drawn nearer, you notice a tiny golden plastic badge attached to Grass-Type’s scales, with the inscription “Port Guard” written on it.

Can this Pokémon be trusted? How will you approach the situation?

So much for an exciting Pokemon battle for Monte. Athena wondered if her Scraggy was ashamed as she recalled him back to his Pokeball. She comforted herself with the fact that he must have gained some kind of experience from this situation. To her relief, the beam from Eclair's Pokeball was able to reach her. She held the red and white balls in her hand, shrinking them to their more convenient size. Monte's Pokeball was returned to her backpack, but she kept out Eclair's just in case. Looking at the Snivy again, it seemed much less mean than she had thought. Still, she was wary as the Grass-type approached her. Pokemon had some moral code to not attack defenseless trainers, right?

"Oh!" Athena recoiled her hand as the Snivy reached a vine towards it. She had the horrible thought of being wrapped up like Eclair had, the vines slowly squeezing the life out of her. The Snivy's vine remained where it was, and Athena was sure it looked a little offended. Precariously, she reached her pointer finger and thumb to lightly grasp Snivy's vine and give it a light shake.

"Pleased you?" She assumed this was the way the Snivy hoped to be greeted. Though the fact that it wasn't making much eye contact made her unsure. She followed its gaze to the factory floor below, but it was too dark for her untrained eye. Athena looked over the Snivy, admiring the smug-but-cute look on its face and its stubby little arms and legs. The cutest thing, though, was the tiny badge worn proudly on its chest. "So you work here? That's so cute! I mean...respectable?" She fumbled with the Pokeball in her hand.

"I'm sorry for intruding. We've been mistaken for the bad guys again I guess. Since you seem to know whats going on here, can we help you out? We're not too strong yet but... I promise we can help." Athena hoped she hadn't made too much of a fool of herself. The Snivy was capable of handling a newbie trainer and her Pokemon, but it was still alone, its coworkers probably among the hostages.

Monte grew to Level 3!
Eclair grew to Level 9! Eclair learned Bite!

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