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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
The Underbelly of Sin
Casino: Downstairs
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A place where sin is rampant. The sin of Greed. Money changes hands freely here, although mostly from the hands of the players into the hands of the owners. The Casino, which has acted as a focal point for wealth all over the world, was completely suspicious and yet, until now, no one had discovered its secrets. It was like a living singularity; a place outside the normal, where it seems that things were being rewritten. A place that shuns outsiders who do not respect the notion of Greed. One can simply not be virtuous of heart and survive here. Either you would be driven out or be consumed by greed, by lust, by covetousness. Will you be able to keep your wits here as you traverse its halls, or will the Casino's power envelope you as well?

As your small group moves downstairs, it seems that you've evaded detection, for now. What seems to be a bigger issue is that when you come downstairs, it seems that the lower floor of the Casino is far bigger than any of you realized. You come out to a hallway that seems to stretch out forever, with a number of completely undescript doors on either side. None of them are labeled, leaving you all completely confused as to how anyone is able to find there way around here. A look ahead reveals there is an intersection where another hallway crosses the one you are in, but there is no telling what is in that hallway, nor how big it is. You may have potentially walked into something as large and as complex as a labyrinth. Truly things had to be simpler than they appeared to be, right? How else would the Casino even function? Your minds fill up with questions, but there definitely seem to be a few obvious facts. If there is anyone down here, they don't seem to be moving too much in the part of the Casino you're in, and there aren't any security cameras either. The doors look like they could be opened rather easily as well, even if they are locked. The place is also impeccably clean: if you were looking for any stolen goods, cash, or Pokemon now, you'd be sure to come up empty.

Nobody in your group seems to be in any abnormal state. What will you do?
Austin simply waited as the people around him started to investigate the area. It seems that the security room was somewhere in these halls, if he heard correctly. Yet it seemed odd, that no matter where he looked, the place was clean, empty, too quiet. Why would they allow the public into this area anyways? Maybe the rooms in here were special. Though, he could never recall coming down here in previous visits. Maybe... Just maybe there was more here than what meets the eye.

He would let the others here do their electric deductions. The teen wasn't fond of large crowds anyways, and if all of them were caught like this, then, well, that's not going to be a fun time. Looking towards his Ninetales, who also seemed to just be observing the others, he beckoned the Pokemon to follow him. It would be rash to go through the doors one by one, but he was curious on what secrets they held. Walking ahead of the main group, Austin counted the doors one by one. Three... Four... Five... Six... None of the numbers clicked in his head. None of the doors gave him that feeling... Like that something will happen.

As he continued to wander the halls, Austin started to notice more static in the air. Was the guy with the Magnemite starting to play with electricity? It would make sense, with him trying to find the camera room. Sixteen... It would most certainly help them cover their tracks, after all. Yet, something about this felt... off. Where were the guards, the cameras. Something just didn't sit too well with him, and what it was evaded his mind's eye. Eighteen... Nineteen... Twenty... Twenty-One. He stopped. Twenty-one. Blackjack. It was one of the most common casino games in the world. He looked at the door, it was ordinary just like the rest. He saw Nick sitting behind him, also intrigued by the door.

"If it's locked, I want you to break with down with a Zen Headbutt, got it?" Austin whispered to the fox, who nodded in response. He started to turn the handle of the door, wondering what his luck would hold in store for him.

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