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(OOC: Leaving it your call as to whether Bell is still standing after the Acid Downpour. If you want me to decide, I'll say yes, even if only because I'd kinda like to see him use Savage Spin-Out.)

Keith grinned as Acid Downpour hit its target. But he didn't let down his guard- even if Bell wasn't that experienced just yet, neither was Anion. He wasn't about to expect the Acid Downpour to just outright KO the Dewpider. "Be careful, Anion," Keith advised his Minun. "Be ready..."

"Mai maiii," nodded Anion, ready to react- the move was still clearing out, but soon they'd see if Bell was in any shape to retaliate.

"Ah, don't worry too much about it," Dennis assured Butternut. "Z-Moves pack a real punch, but your friend should be just fine, since it's just a friendly battle. But yeah- that's what's cool about Z-Moves, that any Pokémon is capable of pulling them off. In fact, you could do that if your Trainer gets herself a Poisonium Z. You know any attacking Poison moves yet, like Sludge or something?"

Chuck simply smiled. "I actually prefer this life, being a Gengar," he remarked. "My life as a Machop was nothing spectacular. I did meet my best friend back then, but I still prefer being a Gengar." As he spoke, he adjusted his Gengarite Headband.

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