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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
The weather in Fizzytopia had taken a nasty turn in the past week, and outside it looked dismal. Puddles were everywhere, people had popped their summer attire away in favour of raincoats and umbrellas. Alice hated carrying things, and the less clothing the better. She preferred the cold and easily overheated, so the only difference to the sight of her this time was that her hair was wet, a light waterproof was layered over a tank top and she had sneakers rather than sandals or ridiculous heels or ballerina flats on.

Unsurprisingly, that made the greeters laugh a little, the blonde taking off her glasses to simply hold them, deep blue eyes looking a lot less giant and moe without the powerful lenses to guide them. The trainer obviously wasn't that blind, though, because she made her way to the right enclosure without much of an issue.

By the time she was peering through the gate, the jacket was tied about her waist in a double knot. Spearow was the target of the visit. They were known to be aggressive, and honestly, Alice hadn't really realised she would ever want one until she passed it by enough and gave it some thought. Given her disposition, it would be easy to doubt if the small woman would be capable of wrangling a Pokemon of its reputation, but anyone who had seen her sooty black Bagon, Eridian, probably wouldn't-- he was a bruiser, and not the only one in her team packing power. The bird would be part of the weaker set if he joined her family.

"Hey there, little guy." She didn't dare put her fingers or nose where they could be snapped at, as much as Alice was tempted. A Poke Ball and the new, $200 fee were near the top of her inventory, ready if this all panned out. "I've got some poffin, pokeblocks, and a house in the Cloud Garden all for you if you want to come along. Far more space to spread your wings up there, am I right? What do you think? I'd love to take you home. Some of your old friends will be there, too!"
Rain, rain, go away; come again another day.

The interesting thing about about birds is that they're really quite clever; arguably, they're among the most clever creatures on the planet. They use tools, recognize individuals, learn to count, and even mimic human language. Sure, the latter is on a broad spectrum. from the near flawless mimicry -- and arguable mastery -- of the Perap to the rough and guttural imitations of a Murkrow.

As you try to convince you new would-be partner to come home with you, he opens his mouth, and begins making a series of throaty squawks; you can see his gullet rise and fall with each loud noise. Auk. Auk. Auk. No... not quite. Haha, it almost sounds like he's saying... nah. Couldn't be. If you listen really closely, the noise coming out of his open beak sounds just a little bit like a four letter word, which starts with an 'F' and ends with a 'K'. Fauk. Fauk. Fauk.

"I think he heard Tate saying that," a staffer says, as he walks by, his hands full of dirty dishes on their way to be cleaned. "Who knew Spearow could mimic, huh? I mean, it's not very good, but...he's definitely saying-"

At that moment, he trips on his own shoelace, and the bowls in his hands go clattering to the floor. An expletive escapes his lips. The Spearow begins calling again. Fauk. Fauk. Fauk. Out of basic human decency, you help the staffer pick up the mess, before claiming your foul-mouthed new friend friend, to take to the front counter. He doesn't bite you, or even try; rather, he continues to sing his song all the way to the lobby.

It's sort of catchy.

Adoption of Lv. 01 (M) Spearow confirmed.
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