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Originally Posted by Kyuu-Tales View Post
Promenade of Desires (Marion Ette, Balmund, Naruxami, Rotom310, 134) -
Meanwhile Johto native Tate, having chosen impulse over further consternation, makes meaningful strides away from the casino's entrance. When the trainer deems the distance between themselves and the crowds sufficient, they notice a fork to the right. A paw from Kai alerts Tate to a sign as a truck whizzes past: Loading Docks. The cobblestone course changes to gravel and winds around the back of the establishment; some ways off, the edge of a platform and the corner of something large and cube-shaped can be seen, though it's unclear exactly what from afar.

"Loading docks, eh?" Tate clucks. Excitement abounds in the antsy trainer. Looking down at the Vaporeon, the bird keeper grins broad. "How much you want to bet stolen goods just happen to pass through there? All those missing prizes from other casinos? Pokémon? Eevee?"

Tate knew just how to press Kai's buttons; the Vaporeon stomped her feet. A product of illicit practices herself, she had come to resent the particularly egregious way members of her species were treated; like novelties. She looked ready to dart off ahead, by Tate nudged her with one toe.

"We gotta play this cool, li'l mama," Tate reminded. "If security catches us we're screwed, and I can't go back to jail..."

Reaching down to a braided leather belt, Tate removed a shiny Luxury Ball from among the five others exactly like it which were clipped there on. Pressing the button in the center of the ornate black and gold orb, releasing from its confines an unusually colored Rowlet, her teal feathers glittering in the sunlight. She hooted once, before taking perch on her trainer's forearm.

"Uhane," Tate greeted. "You're our alibi. Kai and I are going to check out those loading docks. I need you to fly ahead, and stay just out of reach. If we get caught... well, I'm just trying to catch my runaway Pokémon, yeah?"

Uhane cocked her head, clearly not impressed with this plan, but saw no reason not to go along with it. Taking clumsy flight on stubby wings, she fluttered ahead, Tate and Kai meandering after her.


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