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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
The Underbelly of Sin
Casino: Downstairs

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A place where sin is rampant. The sin of Greed. Money changes hands freely here, although mostly from the hands of the players into the hands of the owners. The Casino, which has acted as a focal point for wealth all over the world, was completely suspicious and yet, until now, no one had discovered its secrets. It was like a living singularity; a place outside the normal, where it seems that things were being rewritten. A place that shuns outsiders who do not respect the notion of Greed. One can simply not be virtuous of heart and survive here. Either you would be driven out or be consumed by greed, by lust, by covetousness. Will you be able to keep your wits here as you traverse its halls, or will the Casino's power envelope you as well?

As your small group moves downstairs, it seems that you've evaded detection, for now. What seems to be a bigger issue is that when you come downstairs, it seems that the lower floor of the Casino is far bigger than any of you realized. You come out to a hallway that seems to stretch out forever, with a number of completely undescript doors on either side. None of them are labeled, leaving you all completely confused as to how anyone is able to find there way around here. A look ahead reveals there is an intersection where another hallway crosses the one you are in, but there is no telling what is in that hallway, nor how big it is. You may have potentially walked into something as large and as complex as a labyrinth. Truly things had to be simpler than they appeared to be, right? How else would the Casino even function? Your minds fill up with questions, but there definitely seem to be a few obvious facts. If there is anyone down here, they don't seem to be moving too much in the part of the Casino you're in, and there aren't any security cameras either. The doors look like they could be opened rather easily as well, even if they are locked. The place is also impeccably clean: if you were looking for any stolen goods, cash, or Pokemon now, you'd be sure to come up empty.

Nobody in your group seems to be in any abnormal state. What will you do?
Seiko wordlessly observed one trainer after another reorient themselves all about the mouth of the corridor. She was aghast, bewitched by the purposeful motions of individuals who, unlike her, could actually adapt to changing circumstances.

–Except for that guy. She clicked her tongue and briefly quirked a brow in the direction of the young man who had struck out by his lonesome down the hall. Striding onward without taking proper precautionary measures was to her perhaps the most foolish, ill-advised thing one could do in this setting.

She stole her Croagunk a sidelong look, which the Poison type returned in earnest. Zelos would make for a far finer companion-in-arms anywhere but here. Just peachy, she lamented, instead working alongside her aunt and uncle, contributing his poison secretions to backache-be-gone brews. Back at the house and home she'd run away from. What terrific irony.

Without warning, Zelos turned his attentions to the man who struck Seiko as the most familiar type of the lot: the monk. She had known her fair share of ascetics in her hometown. I should watch him. If he is true to his practice, he has at his disposal means to uncover the truths behind this.

But what can we do?

A realization occurred to Seiko in that moment. The combination of Zelos's sensitive porous skin and his knack for anticipating the strangest things made him a living, breathing sonar… at least, of sorts.

"Zelos, aim the weakest Thunder Punch you can manage at the floor at your feet. Leave your fingers on the floor: as the electricity discharges, remain alert for any possible feedback from power sources nearby."
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