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I've been keeping tabs on Foray's wikipedia article over the years, especially since Alan Young died. It's kind of amazing that she didn't get the kind of recognition she really deserved, considering she is one of the heavyweights of voice acting history. Like, a female Paul Frees. Or maybe I should say, Frees is a male June Foray.

I guess you could say Foray was too old and largely out of animation by the time she died, but was too young to gain a lot of the early recognition she probably should have had. Everyone knew Paul Frees in up until the 1990's, but as tapes of his voice are removed from Disneyland due to degradation, millennials nor their kids really know who he is.

As the article said, it's not surprising given her age. I've been expecting it for years now. But it pisses me off somewhat that millennials aren't giving the voice acting pioneers proper credit.

Like I think Frank Welker is really underrated in spite of being the most prolific VA since Blanc, just because he keeps such a low profile and doesn't promote himself with anything beyond performance.

Unlike say, JYB or Crispin Freeman.
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