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Splatoon 2
This game is a blast so far. I don't regret having my vacation revolve around the release of this game. By beat, I just mean I beat story mode. It was a relatively interesting distraction when I'm not playing multiplayer. Admittedly (major story mode spoilers)
Spoiler: show
it's disappointing there wasn't much to the actual "story". It's just you going through stages, and you only get two story cutscenes in the entire mode. I quite liked that last cutscene, but it's still a shame how dry the mode was. It's also a shame Pearl and Marina don't even take part in it. I thought maybe Marina being an octoling would have something to do with something, but nope. Bitching aside. The stages themselves are fun with a nice amount of variety. The bosses are satisfying, because you can kick the shit out of enemies with the X-Box logo.

Multiplayer mode is fun on a bun. The pressure of not totally sucking is nice, because if you end up sucking, you might cost your team-mates some enjoyment. The Ranked Battles challenges are pretty neat. They all require a fair amount of skill and team-work. Though admittedly Ranked Battles tend to be more difficult, since the players tend to be better. I went from finally being able to hold my own in regular battles to being crappy in Ranked Battles. I still can't use Chargers worth a damn. I can aim well enough in story mode, but when I try to hit a player, I turn retarded. The only players I can reliably hit are other Charger users. I can atleast make a nuisance of myself by trapping my opponents in ink while my allies kill them. It's not just me either. I see an enemy Charger user and instinctively go "this will be fairly easy", because I still have yet to find someone who is a real threat with a Charger. I ended up using duelies in Ranked Battles. That dodge roll is surprisingly useful. Salmon Run is also really nice. I'm guessing it's limited, because you make so much damn money doing Salmon Run.
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