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As Patches began to ramble on about his slide, she then remembered Gary’s question and walked back into the aquarium room. The two of them approached the fountain, where the Totodile continued to swim around happily. He listened to Patches as she spoke of how little she was able to use Totodile in the past and how she saw how happy he looked here in Gary’s base. “Wow,” Gary replied, nearly at a loss of words of Patches’ selfless act. “Well if that’s your wish, I would be honored to give him a home here.”

Gary bent over and slowly pulled Totodile out of the fountain to hold him in his arms. He cared little about getting wet as he was already wearing a dry suit in anticipation of diving in the aquarium before Patches’ arrival. “What do you say, little guy?” he asked, looking down at the Totodile in his arms, “Would you like to live here with all these Pokemon? I promise to take you along on adventures as well.” The Totodile looked up at Gary with big eyes and a bigger toothy grin. “Tot!” he exclaimed with a happy wiggle. “I guess it’s settled then!” Gary added, grinning back. “I think I’ll call you Wani! Patches, I really appreciate this. And feel free to come visit him any time, okay?” Gary turned to face Patches, but she had already run off to go back on the slide once again. On one hand, he was beginning to grasp what kind of person his new friend was, but on the other, he knew in the back of his mind that he would never be able to fully figure out what goes through her head.

Hearing the grumble of the Pikachu’s stomach, Amph’s maternal instincts kicked in as she stepped back from her food. She gave Mio a warm smile before quickly walking over to the cupboard where Gary kept some food. She pulled out a bowl and filled it with a few apples before grabbing a bottle of honey and drizzled it over them. She then carried the bowl over to Mio and set it down in front of her with a sheepish grin on her face. She then brought her own food bowl over, and as she did, Espy, Buru, and Lynxa did the same, forming a circle. Not wanting to leave the Pikachu out, each of them took turns introducing themselves before going back to eating their food.
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