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Sandaa: "Yaaay!" Marissa hops up once and cheers. "Josie, we're gonna see a POKEMON BATTLE!" She shadowboxes for a moment, throwing her tiny fists towards a few people across the way, almost specks on the horizon. Josie, the girl in pink, now has a turn to roll her eyes.

"Marissa, he just said he's not gonna battle. Duh." Josie starts walking that way towards those people. Marissa lets Joe know that they're leaving and you hear just a subtle "Huh?" from the boy. Him and the Marill stand up and look to you for a second.

"Aero is a good Mantine. I like him a lot. Thank you for letting me pet him." Joe says to you, and he reaches into a pocket in his swim trunks. He extends an open hand to you, and inside, there is light beige seashell, not much smaller than a ping pong ball. "Do you want this? I found it on the beach earlier." There doesn't seem to be anything of signifigance to the little seashell, but Joe seems to want you to have it for letting him pet Aero.

Regardless of your choice., you are led over to the kid's family - there, you see 3 adults - two older men who look vaguely similar, with light brown hair and round noses, and a woman about their age, all in some... garishly tourist-y clothes. One of the two men, who you guess to be the "Dennis" character that the kids had talked about, is a fair bit paler than the other, and is wearing khakis alongside his bright green floral top. He's messing with what seems to be some scuba diving gear, trying to adjust the straps. A Clamperl sits beside him a foot or two away, sitting just barely in the water. He notices you and the kids approaching. Josie waves to Dennis. "Hi Dad!"

The other two adults - both in cheap lounge chairs - look up as well. "Hey, kids. Made a friend?" he says, sitting up a bit and moving his sunglasses up to the top of his head.

Marissa steps forward this time, quickly. "Yeah! His name is... uh. I don't know! But he has a Mantine named Aero and he's super cool and he's the one who rode in on the Mantine and was gliding and it was SO COOL! Did you know Mantine and Sharpedo are related? How cool!" She blurts out, and then sharply inhales. "Anyways, I told him you can battle and can you guys battle? I wanna see!" She continues.

Bill, the name you remember from earlier, stands up from his sunbathing position and walks over to you. "Azu and them are on vacation too from the tournament circuit, so we'll let them have their rest for now. The name's Bill. Thanks for entertaining them for a bit. You a trainer?" He says, extending his hand to you for a handshake. Dennis returns back to whatever work he was doing before, probably glad his brother is doing the talking and he can keep working on the scuba stuff. What will you do?

Aero gains 1 level from his experience with these kids.
Gary smiles as he turns to follow Marissa, Josie, and Joe. Joe turned to hand him a seashell as thanks for letting him pet Aero. Gary grinned and held out his hand to take the kid’s reward, responding with a “Thank you.” Examining the shell, he slipped it into his own swimming trunks pocket. The young boy’s gratitude was a reward in itself to Gary as part of his goal was to try and foster an interest in the underwater environment within the next generation.

As they walked across the beach, Gary followed the children over to a group of adults who were clearly in vacation-mode with the exception of a man who was tinkering with some scuba gear. Gary’s eyes were immediately fixated on the equipment, but as the two fathers turned their attention to him, Gary minded his manners. “Yes sir,” Gary greeted, shaking Bill’s hand. “My name’s Gary, and I’m a trainer from the Johto region. However, I’ve also researched aquatic Pokemon from the Unova region where I’ve dabbled a bit as a teacher and a dive instructor. I was just showing your kids my Mantine when they insisted that they introduce me to you.”

Gary let out a nervous chuckle, feeling a little awkward as he introduced himself to some random children’s parents. He looked over at the Clamperl who seemed to be happily relaxing in a shallow pool of water and then back over to Dennis and his diving equipment. He thought back to his days diving at the Marine Tube in Unova and noted to himself that he needed to get some proper scuba gear for his return to Fizzytopia. Snapping out of his daydream, Gary turned back to Bill in hopes that his thoughts didn’t show on his face too much.
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