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"Oh, I don't want to be the one to clean up that mess!" The collision between the mighty Gunk Shot and the surprisingly powerful Bubble (whoever thought that would ever be a thing?) had caused muck to splatter all around the dewpider, assuming it didn't hit him directly. "But Ami and Bell aren't letting that go sitting down, with retaliatory attack already mid-flight! Aaand- oh! It completely misses Anion!" Chroma grew quiet as it became clear that Keith was pulling something- very few people used a monologue to lead up to a Splash attack, after all.

Bell was still reeling a bit from the last Poison Typed blow when when Anion took on a yellow glow. Nit one of cackling electricity like one would expect from the rodent, but one of raw power- a power he had only seen one pokemon besides himself use. Z-Power, with him as the target. 'W-w-wait!' It was obvious what move her next move would be based off of, and based on that knowledge alone he could tell that he was about to take a hit far stronger than any he could possibly dish out himself. "U-um, try to soften this one with Bubble as well!" He could hear the panic in his trainer's voice as well, and sighed. Even if it could possibly dent the Acid Downpour somehow, he wouldn't have been able to do so anyway- his muscles had seized up right then and there. He couldn't move at all as the wave of caustic purple fog enveloped him...

That attack, whatever it was, was certainly impressive- as were the dewpider's screeches of agony as he quickly sank into the acidic lake it had created. 'W-woah... dat just ain't right...' Butternut managed to croak out. 'Dat tiny mouse, wit' dat kind of power...?'

Elen blinked as he processed the information. 'Gnuoy os m'I... Noos lauqe eb ll'uoy, ho!'

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