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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
The Underbelly of Sin
Casino: Downstairs

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A place where sin is rampant. The sin of Greed. Money changes hands freely here, although mostly from the hands of the players into the hands of the owners. The Casino, which has acted as a focal point for wealth all over the world, was completely suspicious and yet, until now, no one had discovered its secrets. It was like a living singularity; a place outside the normal, where it seems that things were being rewritten. A place that shuns outsiders who do not respect the notion of Greed. One can simply not be virtuous of heart and survive here. Either you would be driven out or be consumed by greed, by lust, by covetousness. Will you be able to keep your wits here as you traverse its halls, or will the Casino's power envelope you as well?

As your small group moves downstairs, it seems that you've evaded detection, for now. What seems to be a bigger issue is that when you come downstairs, it seems that the lower floor of the Casino is far bigger than any of you realized. You come out to a hallway that seems to stretch out forever, with a number of completely undescript doors on either side. None of them are labeled, leaving you all completely confused as to how anyone is able to find there way around here. A look ahead reveals there is an intersection where another hallway crosses the one you are in, but there is no telling what is in that hallway, nor how big it is. You may have potentially walked into something as large and as complex as a labyrinth. Truly things had to be simpler than they appeared to be, right? How else would the Casino even function? Your minds fill up with questions, but there definitely seem to be a few obvious facts. If there is anyone down here, they don't seem to be moving too much in the part of the Casino you're in, and there aren't any security cameras either. The doors look like they could be opened rather easily as well, even if they are locked. The place is also impeccably clean: if you were looking for any stolen goods, cash, or Pokemon now, you'd be sure to come up empty.

Nobody in your group seems to be in any abnormal state. What will you do?
"This is uncanny."


Hiero and Noppera stared into the distance of the long corridor, seeming to have no end in sight, and lined with doors on either side. The place was pristine and fresh, and aside from the small group of trainers alongside him, the place was also unusually quiet. Some of the other trainers, and their Pokemon, began to examine the doors, others opting to turn down the intersecting hallway dead ahead. Hiero recognized one of them as one of the trainers he had teamed up with from the War of the Roses event in the Cloud Garden, but he bit his tongue and opted to not acknowledge her. He hoped that she would do the same.

Hiero bit his thumb and looked around. No security cameras. In fact, no security whatsoever. "Something isn't right. I can't put my finger on it, but something here isn't right," Hiero said with a troubled voice. "Except I can put my finger on it. This seems so incredibly fake. This is so utterly unrealistic - this is all clearly one big setup of some kind. They're hiding something," he thought to himself. He needed to keep that line of thinking to himself for now, though; despite not seeing any form of security, he needed to at least consider the possibility that the walls had ears. He looked at his Mimikyu and perked up suddenly. This was a casino, after all - he needed to wear his best poker face. That meant disassociating himself with the trainers that had accompanied him downstairs and maintaining a sense of casual naivety.

And then he remembered the letter he had received from Tate.

"Mr. Shadow, the world is changing. The natural order has shifted, and things cannot sustain themselves,"

"Mr. Shadow". Right... that's right. "When we are alone with the shadows... we become the shadows," he thought, clenching his jaw.

"We cannot cleanse this world from the light."

"...Yes, something here isn't right... where are all of the games? Surely there have to be some games down here, yes? Why else have a downstairs, right Pera?" The Mimikyu blinked and tilted slightly. Hiero gave him a smile and a wink. Ignorance is bliss, they say - if they ran into trouble, it would be best to play dumb. Hiero was hoping to convey that to his Mimikyu without having to outright say it. "This hallway seems pretty large... I bet we'll find something fun eventually if we just keep walking. I know it seems to go on forever, but there has to be something up ahead - let's go take a look!" Hiero began walking down the hall that seemed to have no end, his Mimikyu by his side. Noppera was not convinced of his trainer's fake enthusiasm, but he understood nonetheless. The Ghost-type knew why they were here, and knew that it needed to be alert and ready to attack at a moment's notice, if need be. "At some point," Hiero thought, "something's got to give."

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