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As Anion fired off the Gunk Shot, Bell responded with a Bubble attack. Incredibly, the Water move managed to hold the Poison move at bay. Gunk Shot did make it through, but the Bubble had slowed it down and forced it to break apart somewhat- the move did not hit Bell at full power. "Whoa," Keith murmured, surprised by Bubble's effectiveness. "How was it that strong?"

"Dewpider's Ability- Water Bubble," responded Keith's Pokédex. "Dewpider is resistant to Fire moves and immune to burns, and its Water-type moves are much stronger than average.

"Whoa- Anion, it's using Bubble again!" Keith warned his Minun. "Use Quick Attack to dodge!"

"Maiii!" Anion exclaimed, hastily darting out of harm's way. "Mai! Minun mai!" she called to her Trainer.

Keith nodded, knowing exactly what Anion was getting at. "Yeah- we need to go all-out, and now!" he agreed. "So let's do this!" he added, as he began to move his arms. The Poisonium Z gleamed as he did so.

"Maiiiinun!" cheered Anion as Keith began to activate the Z-Ring.

"Our minds, our spirits, linked as one!" Keith was saying as he moved. "A power as intense as the Plague Swamp of Cascadia! Feel the poison- BE the poison!"

"Maaaaaiiiiiiii..." Anion was saying, feeling the Z-Power flowing into her. The power she reserved for Gunk Shot usage, it was starting to transform. She felt it- the time was right, and it was now her moment to unleash the strongest attack she'd ever used!

"Now! Let's show 'em!" Keith grinned. "Use Acid Downpour!!!"

Anion surrounded itself with its Z-Power!

Anion unleashes its full-force Z-Move!


Acid Downpour

"Yep- that was Gunk Shot. Strongest Poison move out there, except for Z-Moves, of course," Dennis nodded. "Oh, hey- speaking of Z-Moves, check this out," he added, grinning as Keith started to move his arms. "You thought Gunk Shot was powerful? Get a load of this."

"I've actually been dead for longer than I've been alive," Chuck chuckled. "I only lived as a Machop for... two, maybe three years? I spent eight years as a spirit wandering the spirit world, and I was reincarnated as a Gastly about five years ago or so."

My Shiny Pokémon (not up for trade, I don't do requests for Shiny banners or recolored Pokken artwork). FB team banners like the one above, however, those I do requests for.

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