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"And there's another low level staple- using String Shot that way isn't quite so common, however!" If nothing else, Chroma seemed to be enjoying herself a good bit. "But it was all for naught, it seems. Oh? And what's this? It seems that Anion has Bell Paralyzed! Was it the stunning cuteness or the electricity?!"

It was definitely the electricity, much to Bell's chagrin. Even as he jumped back, the dewpider could feel it attempting to lock up his chitin plates. Anion was already charging up another attack- there was little doubt that this was more powerful than anything he had in his normal arsenal, even with his Water Bubble's help... "Try to deflect that attack with a Bubble!" That didn't seem like the best thing to do to him, but orders were orders... "Then try to trap them in another one!" That was probably a little better, right?

'I don' know any of 'Piderboy's tricks, so I can't give any ideas.'
The pumkasaur admitted. 'Oh, dat move looks powerful!'

'Ydaerla sraey detiaw evah uoy.' Elen shook himself, a bit. 'Os, raey lluf a devil neve t'nevah I...'

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"
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