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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
TheKnightsFury: Though pleased overall with the start of the battle, you can't help but worry about the strange behavior of these Durant. From what you could remember of their kind, their iron mandibles posed much more of a threat than you'd experienced, almost as if they had been purposefully sharpened. What's more, this fixation on the tracks went against everything you knew of wild Pokémon and Durant in particular. You wonder if they are some attempt at sabotage for the railyard, or else under orders of some kind, but you can’t ponder for long as the battle continues.

As you ruffle through your bag, the speedy ants make their move. The two at the tracks continue to ignore the fight, each using their sharp, Metal Claw-like mandibles to make mincemeat of the rails, tossing bits towards the growing pile seemingly at random. Of the two attacking, the one flat on its back struggles in his blinded and burnt state to right itself, eventually succeeding with a surprising feat of Agility. The other chitters angrily - clearly enraged - and Hustles towards Jim's Swinub, mandibles pinching disturbingly like a Guillotine. Luckily, like its compatriot earlier, the Durant moves harmlessly past the bleeding Swinub, missing completely. Huffing with pained laughter, the Swinub exhales an icy breath, coating the attacking ant in a Powdery Snow.

By this point, you have found the Pokeball you seek, tossing it out as you drop the open bag to the ground. Once the flash of light clears, Odysseus floats in the air, blankly beeping as it analyzes the battlefield. Acknowledging your orders, the Magnemite's twin magnets begin spinning rapidly, filling the air with a harsh Metallic Sound that immediately distracts the quartet of Durant. Your own partners - aware in advance - filter out the noise.

Taking the opening provided, Boudicca rears back on her hindlegs before swinging her forelegs down in a swift move. Cracks spider-web out from her hooves towards the Durant who just righted itself, the Earth underneath erupting in a Powerful blast that knocks the ant away. At the same time, Logi and Atalanta prep another of their potent Heat Wave-Ominous Wind combo. As the wave of hot wind slams into the ants, you see that - though the damage done is still great - with Logi's weakening constitution it isn't as much as you'd hoped. There is a bright side, though, as burn marks spread across the torso of one of the working Durants. Even better, as she propels her ominous wind into the heat wave, a faint glow envelops Atalanta, strengthening her power.

If they weren't mad before, following this last wave, the Durant are downright infuriated. The two working on the tracks finally abandon their positions, together charging at Logi and Atalanta. The one on the left aims a Bite towards the Darumaka, while the rightmost Durant Furiously Cuts at the owl, who can't quite take off in time. The remaining two continue their streaks of bad luck, each Hustling right by Jim's Swinub and Boudicca, their respective Guillotines missing. Mildly amused by this point, both Pokémon repeat their earlier Powder Snow and Earth Power, respectively. Swinub's opponent, though coated in a layer of frost, is still barely holding on. Boudicca's opponent, however, flies backward in the small eruption, slumping to the ground in a dead faint. Ever the analytical being, Odysseus waits to move last, emitting a strange Supersonic tone that confuses the remaining Durant.

"Yeah, that's it Gerrold," Jim praises by your side, "keep it up with a couple more Powder Snows!"

With one Durant fainted and another nearly there, the battle seems to be in your favor. Of course, though one is burned and both are confused, the other two Durant only look a little roughed up. Additionally, Logi and Atalanta both took a bad hit, though Boudicca still hasn't been touched and Odysseus - new to the fight - is in perfect health.

The move is yours, what would you like to do?

(Declared 4/6: Rowlet, Mudbray, Darumaka, Magnemite)
While one Durant was now dealt with and another looking close to its breaking point, Jayson was beginning to feel like they were on top of this situation. The main issue was that Logi was now spent and two of the Durant were proving persistent, still tearing up the tracks relentlessly. This was going to be an issue, if a train came flying down the track than there was no way they would be able to stop it in time, the damage would be devastating. They had to finish this now, before more damage could be done to the tracks and his Pokemon.

"Alright team, Odysseus has exposed their special defense so now we exploit it! Boudicca I need you to finish off that Durant while the rest of us target the pair damaging the tracks. Give it two Earthpowers and hope that is enough to put it down." They were out of firepower now, Logi was spent but perhaps there was another way. "Odysseus, Mimic Logi's Heat Wave then hit the pair of Durants with a Heat Wave. Atalanta while Odysseus is preparing keep the Durant's pinned down with a pair of Air Cutters. If they are still hanging on try and finish them with an Ominous Wind." Jayson hoped that it would be enough with the boost Atalanta had received from the Ominous Wind, but only time would tell. They needed to get this fight over with so they could find out the motive. The actions of the Durant seemed to purposeful, there had to be something else at work here. If his hunch was right than they would likely be at further risk, they needed to get up to speed if they stood a chance of foiling any sinister plot.

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