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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Meetan – After laughing at the mother and calling her out she decides to not pay any more attention to you and turns to Meredith. “You should always avoid people like her, Meredith. She isn’t as civilized as we are so trying to talk to her is a waste of time.” Meredith nods in agreement. Once you notice that the boys are making a game out of catching the Wishiwashi in their hands you get frustrated and yell at the teacher to actually control her students. “… Ah, right!” Seems she was distracted by all of the other action going on and now she is making her way over to the boys. At least that should be handled for now, you hope.

You apologize to Axel for his little fumble but also have no doubt that he’s going to be alright because you two are very in sync. Without having to say a word, Axel knows exactly what it is you want him to do so he first balls his hand into a fist and it suddenly is engulfed in flames as he charges at Duchess. She tries to dodge but isn’t quick enough and is punched in the face with the flaming fist causing some of the fur on her cheek to singe. As Axel goes in for the second punch Duchess thinks fast and gives him a wink, suddenly hearts begin to circle Axel momentarily. The effect of those hearts causes him to stop his attack while the fire from his hand is only a centimeter away from making contact. His pink cheeks are now turning crimson as he pulls his fist away from Duchess and begins to step backwards to create some distance between them. It would seem that he is very Attracted to Duchess all of a sudden so he couldn’t bring himself to go through with that second attack which might have damaged her beautiful face further.

“I got it!!” Your attention is brought back over to the boys, the teacher is with them but now one of the boys is holding onto the Wishiwashi. “Please put him down Simon…” The teacher says timidly. It’s clear that the Wishiwashi is now agitated as it struggles to break free from the kids grasp. It has had enough and now fires off a Water Gun randomly, but the way the boy is holding the fish means that the attack is aimed right for you. Thankfully, Axel noticed all of this happening and quickly Teleported in front of the attack on his own in order to protect you. Next, even though it wasn’t Duchess who was doing the attack he still took this opportunity to use Blow Back on the stream of water. The blow back caused the stream to completely bend and change course and was perfectly aimed at Duchess who was not prepared for this turn of events at all and was hit directly in the face with the water. (Axel gains 1 level) Duchess, whose fur hat is now drooping from the water and is now very frustrated runs up and Tackles Axel once again. She seems to still have a decent amount of fight left in her while Axel seems to be dealing with a lot of inner conflict ever since he became attracted to Duchess. The girls mother still hasn't noticed the state of her Furfrou because she has been chatting with Meredith about who knows what this entire time instead of paying attention.

The Minccino has been standing there slightly shaking as it attempts to fight the paralysis. Peach wastes no time and begins to hurl a weak Mud-slap at the Minccino’s face. The Minccino sees the attack coming and begins to cringe at the thought of mud touching its fur and attempts to move out of range but unfortunately for it, the paralysis slows it down and it is hit anyway. At this point the Minccino is feeling very defeated and it slumps into a sitting position on the ground looking sad with its face still covered in mud. You take that opportunity to throw a pokeball at it, the ball hits the Minccino’s head and briefly bounces off of it as it begins to open up in the air. You see the Minccino make a very surprised look before it is completely absorbed in a red light and pulled into the ball. The ball falls to the ground and begins to shake… shake… shake… DING!

Congratulations! You’ve captured a Lv. 5 female Minccino!
Inwardly, the idea of being called 'uncivilised' has Alice's blood boiling, and she points out that this opinion has come from 'the most uncivilised person she's ever met', but otherwise lets it go. They weren't paying attention anyway, and actions spoke louder than words. Besides, Alice would rather be uncivilised than have her head shoved as far up her arse as that dumbo obviously did.

"Agh, bollocks." It took only a few seconds for the trainer to realise that Axel had been immobilised by 'love'. She knew that feeling whenever her cutie pies showed such love to her (Pokemon were the best, right?) but this was just inconvenient. So it was a relief when her companion suddenly warped in front of her despite this to protect from the ongoing jet of water, which had immobilised her with fear.

"Chu, Pichu!" The mouse pushed the successful catch over to its trainer, pausing for a moment while Dutchess tackled Axel aside. Alice thanked Peaches, picking the sphere up, and decided that this affliction wasn't going to fly. "Good work, team. Let's swap you around, shall we?" She decided. Thanking Axel, Alice withdrew him. That soaked and singed fur was gonna need a serious beauty treatment once they were through.

"Use volt tackle and thunder shock, finish off that Furfrou!" Alice commanded, and her Pichu, still hyped from her last conflict, went straight for it. Sparks and fur were gonna fly. Attention still partially fixed on her - because Alice was a decent trainer like that, wow - she went over to Simon and the Wishiwashi. Her voice was surprisingly soft, in contrast to the rage that had been consuming her thus far. Why hadn't the teacher settled this already? She better be paid for this shit. "Good job at catching it, but I think Wishiwashi is getting upset. Best to let it go for now before it hurts anyone else, okay? If you ask nicely, maybe it'll let you pet it or feed it. I think it's been hungry so far, anyway."
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