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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
The Underbelly of Sin
Casino: Downstairs

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A place where sin is rampant. The sin of Greed. Money changes hands freely here, although mostly from the hands of the players into the hands of the owners. The Casino, which has acted as a focal point for wealth all over the world, was completely suspicious and yet, until now, no one had discovered its secrets. It was like a living singularity; a place outside the normal, where it seems that things were being rewritten. A place that shuns outsiders who do not respect the notion of Greed. One can simply not be virtuous of heart and survive here. Either you would be driven out or be consumed by greed, by lust, by covetousness. Will you be able to keep your wits here as you traverse its halls, or will the Casino's power envelope you as well?

As your small group moves downstairs, it seems that you've evaded detection, for now. What seems to be a bigger issue is that when you come downstairs, it seems that the lower floor of the Casino is far bigger than any of you realized. You come out to a hallway that seems to stretch out forever, with a number of completely undescript doors on either side. None of them are labeled, leaving you all completely confused as to how anyone is able to find there way around here. A look ahead reveals there is an intersection where another hallway crosses the one you are in, but there is no telling what is in that hallway, nor how big it is. You may have potentially walked into something as large and as complex as a labyrinth. Truly things had to be simpler than they appeared to be, right? How else would the Casino even function? Your minds fill up with questions, but there definitely seem to be a few obvious facts. If there is anyone down here, they don't seem to be moving too much in the part of the Casino you're in, and there aren't any security cameras either. The doors look like they could be opened rather easily as well, even if they are locked. The place is also impeccably clean: if you were looking for any stolen goods, cash, or Pokemon now, you'd be sure to come up empty.

Nobody in your group seems to be in any abnormal state. What will you do?
As I thought. I am not alone in this endeavour.

Others had decided to stay around the areas of the Casino players are expected to remain in. But this group, six Trainers in total, had thought differently. The monk had somewhat hoped not too many would share the same course of action as him, but as it turned out, there were half a dozen of them here now, and if that wasn't suspicious in of itself, the majority of these Trainers had Pokémon out and about with them. Indeed, not suspicious at all.

Stick to the shadows, Shiou. Others need not see you, not until the time is right.

His own shadow twirled unnaturally, the Gastly dwelling in it acquiescing in his own peculiar way. Sai had plans to fully utilize his Ghost partner's unique abilities, and if they could be of help to someone else, all the better. But for now, being as inconspicuous as possible was the priority, even if there no signs of surveillance cameras or guards on their toes - besides, he wasn't here to retrieve anything of value for himself, because he'd lost nothing to begin with. This was a scouting mission only, because as his mentor often said, preparation was the cornerstone of victory. Though something did seem odd - why would a Casino's lower floor be entirely unguarded? It was unwise at the very least, unless it was an intentional trap - in which case they'd already crawled into the beast's open maw, and seeing their fates unfurl would be the only remaining option.

Fortunately, Shiou is a special Gastly; he has the tools to make a daring escape if the need arises.

He opted to approach the man with the Magnemite first. The monk kept his arms crossed and hands inside his sleeves, staring at the ground the entire time instead of making eye contact. He kept his voice low, but made sure the other man knew he was being addressed.

"I have a companion who can be our eyes behind closed doors," he whispered. "If you agree, I will send him ahead to search for that surveillance room you seek, should there be one."

He turned his focus to Shiou, and mentally relayed his plan to the trickster spirit.

I require your assistance. Remain invisible and phase through these doors; let us know what lies beyond, which ones are worth opening. We cannot afford to proceed blindly, our time is short. Teleport back to my own shadow if danger surfaces.

Again the monk's shadow twisted and turned, and a pair of eyes blinked in the darkness ever-so-briefly. Shiou seemed in agreement with the instructions - at least as long as he was amused, Sai knew the phantom would comply...

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