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Keith chuckled weakly. True enough, Anion wasn't exactly overburdened with battle experience. Hell, she probably had fewer experience points than hit points! But every Pokémon had to start somewhere, and Keith knew it.

Anion charged right in towards Bell, only to take the String Shot to the face. That she even made contact with the Dewpider was a miracle, considering she now had sticky silk to obscure her vision. She pawed at it frantically, clearing as much of it away as she could, and immediately wished she hadn't, for now she could see the Infestation coming her way. She swatted angrily at the glowing gnats that swarmed all around her, taking damage little by little from the Bug move. But she was undeterred, and moved in to land another hit. Not much better than Quick Attack, but nevertheless, Anion forcefully made contact with Bell with an electrically charged cheek pouch. Keith grinned, for Nuzzle making contact essentially guaranteed paralysis in the target. Said grin faded, however, as Bell managed to hop away while firing an Aurora Beam, hitting the Minun in the face- the paralysis hadn't quite stopped the Dewpider just yet. Moreover, the Infestation was still proving a problem for Anion, who was now shouting uselessly at the gnats.

"Anion! Calm down, take it easy!" Keith called. "Don't worry about the Infestation, that's exactly what they're after! Focus on Bell, and use Gunk Shot!" His gaze moved to the Z-Ring on his wrist... no. Not just yet. But soon, for sure. "Then follow up with another Nuzzle!"

"Yeah, same goes for Anion," nodded Dennis. "I know Keith taught her Gunk Shot, though. We might even get to see Anion use a Z-Move here."

"Ahh, OK," Chuck nodded. He nodded once more as Elenchos remarked on how long of a time five years was to wait for someone. "Indeed," he agreed. "Though Keith would have waited easily twice as long if he had to. He truly loves her. Similarly, I'll wait as long as is necessary for my own girlfriend," he added, a small smile coming to the Gengar's face. "Even if it's even longer than five years. Rose is worth it," he smiled.

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