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"You know what I said about dangerous moves?" Chroma commented fro, her safe little box. "Yeah, those are gonna come later, probably. This is till a low level matchup, folks, and what would one of those be without good ol' Growl making an appearance?!"

Said Growl may have been an annoyance for Anion's opponent, but it wasn't the top thing on their mind. Whatever this 'Nuzzle' technique was, it was ordered after Quick Attack for a reason that Bell would probably prefer not to come to fruition anytime soon. Incidentally, his trainer had the same opinion. "Intercept their flight path with a String Shot to the face and follow up with an annoying Infestation! Hop away while dazzling them with your Aurora Beam after that!" Hopefully the minun wasn't particularly experienced- they really needed the first attack to hit its mark, it seemed.

'Oh, dey've really started now!' Butternut exclaimed, directing the bigger Seed Pokemon's attention to the battleground. 'I ain't never seen 'Piderboy there fight before, so dis'll be interestin'!'

'Lareneg ni bortlov tneam I, on, on!' The inkay blinked. 'Sraey evif? Emit gnol yllaer a s'taht...'

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