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Athena had wrapped the Pokemon egg in a soft blanket, hoping to keep it warm on her walk to the Hatchery. Though it was summer time, it got chilly as the sun set and the wind picked up. She had neglected to bring a coat for herself, more focused on delivering the egg she had suddenly received to its destination. It was like any other Pokemon egg, warm and smooth, but had no discernible markings to give the trainer any clue who might be inside. Athena knew, of course, that most baby Pokemon were cute, and she was ecstatic to have a potential new darling to train.

Relieved the Hatchery was still open, Athena made her way inside, appreciating that the A/C wasn't on too high. Instead, the shop was warm and welcoming, decorated in nursery-appropriate colors. The girl approached the counter with a smile, and handed over her egg for incubation. On her way out, she wrapped the blanket she had brought around her shoulders.

Dropping off Enigma Egg

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