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As both Keith and Anion suspected, Ami had sent Bell out into the battle. The Dewpider sported a distinct type disadvantage, though Keith could still see a bit of a problem here- Anion's strongest Electric attack was Nuzzle. Nevertheless, though, even if Anion wasn't gonna get to deal a buttload of super effective damage, Keith knew better than to count his Minun out on that basis alone. He chuckled a bit sheepishly as Chroma introduced him as a living legend, then grinned as she instructed them to commence the battle.

"Alright, Anion, let's do it!" Keith stated. "Start with Growl, then move in for a Quick Attack! And once you've closed the gap, follow up with Nuzzle!"

"Definitely," nodded Dennis in agreement, though his tone of voice suggested he didn't necessarily see the excessive size of the arena as a bad thing.

"In general?" asked Chuck. "Nitro was actually quite happy in general, and Keith wouldn't have traded it to that Trainer if he wasn't sure Nitro would've been happy with him. Definitely unfortunate, though," he agreed. "Maybe he'll return someday, though. You never know. Keith waited five years for his girlfriend to return, after all, even when all common sense said he ought to give up hope."

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