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Oh, dear, he was going to use his Electric type. Even if Nadie were here, he'd still be weak to Anion's lightning attacks. Besides, the woobat's last experience with those was far from pleasant... This was no time to dwell on the past! "Bell, looks like you've got another tough one headed your way. I'm sorry about that."

"Pi, dah..." Despite being aware of the odds against him, Bell crawled his way off his trainer and onto the battleground.

Chroma chose that moment to warp in between them, her own staryu standing with her. "Are we good? Alright. Ladies, gentlemen, and all those who call themselves otherwise, it is time for the Crystalline Cathedral's opening battle to commence! On one side, we have Amicae Schmeltzer representing her home turf, and on the other side, we have Keith Masters, the one and only Living Legend of Fizzytpia! I highly reccomend that everyone else keep your hands, feet, tentacles, and so and so forth, out of the arena for this one: it is possible that either, or both, trainers will unleash particularly fangerous attacks this battle! With that being said..." She took a couple steps backwards. "You may commence when ready. Lay on!" She then disappeared, showing back up in a makeshift referee box off to the side.

'I wouldn' quite go dat far,' Butternut admitted as he warped in behind him. 'It is way bigger than it needs to be, however!'

'Lareneg ni tnaem I.'
Elen didn't look so happy with the news, either. 'Etanutrofnu etiuq s'taht...'

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