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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Check-in/Help Desk (Schala) – The desk is a relatively new feature at the Casino, though what was once a friendly repository of maps, directories, coupons and various forms of assistance has become a cold, stark desk plastered with what can only be described as Jirachi-themed propaganda – countless painted images of smiling people whose wishes have come true thanks to the legend. Most striking among these is an image of Jirachi smiting the other legendaries with an explosive blast, with the statement above: “Believe in your wishes, not in false gods!”

In contrast to the Souvenir Shop and Bathroom on either side of it, the Check-In/Help Desk has at least one camera focused on it at all times. It is also notable that the guard Arcanine stationed here never leaves her post, and the wandering Machamp seems to stop here on his route rather frequently. The desk is far more massive than it should be – thicker and taller than most desks of its kind. The woman at the counter has a rather doll-like, expressionless face – her speech is curt – her tone dismissive. For a help desk, she seems a rather poor choice of helper.

As Ami leaves the counter with a somewhat irritated expression, Eskil and Nyx approach. The woman seems to intentionally avoid eye contact as she responds with a rather listless, over-rehearsed “If you're lost, just follow your heart -” Rather than provide Eskil with a map like a typical help desk associate would, however, she hands him two purple coins with Jirachi's face emblazoned on them. “One for a wish, and one for a spin,” she offers by way of explanation. “Now, off you go,” she spits, making an eerily robotic motion to shoo him away.

While this exchange goes on, Nyx catches sight of something behind the counter. It would be a long shot, given the security, but a natural thief like Purrloin might have a shot at swiping it. Is it worth the risk?
The woman at the help desk responds robotically to the pair with a phrase that gives Eskil no useful information, and a pair of coins that look nothing like the few Belial had scrounged up. With a few curt parting words, she dismisses him, but at least he has a clue what the coins are for. At a bit of a loss, he turns away from the unsettling woman and her desk.

Nyx notices something behind the counter but stays where she is. Her orders are to observe, not to act. She notes the guards and cameras as instructed.

Eskil stops by the fountain, a likely place for the first part of the parting words. One for a wish. There, he speaks to Nyx in quiet tones while the two observe the fountain.

“That was unhelpful. And creepy.” He starts.

“Very much so. I’m not entirely convinced we were talking to a real person.” She mutters back. “I did see some cameras and notice some things about the guards, however.”

As she relays the information, Eskil stares at the coin in his hand.

She finishes her report, and then notices his focus. “Are you going to make a wish?”

“It seems dumb. Not like it’ll do anything for me.”

“Can’t hurt either. Plus you’ll blend in better.” She retorts.

“What would I even wish for?” Nyx has no response. Or perhaps too many. Several things float around in his head, ranging from the general, sometimes smartass answers to hypothetical wishes, to very personal ones (three more wishes/1 million dollars/my memories).

The two stand in tense silence for a long moment. Eskil makes a decision and tosses the coin into the fountain.

“For the strength and luck to see things through to the end.” He mutters. Both for this little escapade and his own journey.

Nyx relaxes on his shoulder. “That’s your wish?” She sounds relieved. Eskil doesn’t know why, but he can’t bring himself to ask.

Instead he responds with a defensive “What’s wrong with it?” and let’s her behavior pass. For now.

“It’s just so...bland. Waste of a wish, in my opinion.” She responds, with a significant look, all traces of oddity gone.

“Then maybe you should have given me some suggestions!” He complains. She says nothing.

“We should find the place for a ‘spin’ next. Where do you think it would be?” He continues, after it is clear she won’t.

Nyx waves a paw at the area straight ahead. “Let’s explore the rest of this floor before we head elsewhere.”

With a nod, Eskil sets off, clutching the other coin and trying to focus on why he’s here rather than Nyx’s behavior. “Keep an eye out.” He reminds her. We can talk later.

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