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Keith gave Ami's offer some consideration. He was already intending to bring Aster in here to show her, maybe she could battle as well... There was also Sunny to consider, and he'd also yet to use Liliana in a battle-

"Mai mai! Maaaiinun!" Anion interrupted, pulling the emergency brakes on Keith's train of thought. The headstrong Minun hopped down off of Keith's shoulder and onto the battlefield, looking ready to go.

Keith was a little surprised, but really only very little- he supposed he should've known Anion would want in on this. "I guess I'm using Anion, then," he grinned. "Alright, Anion, go!"

"Maaaiii! Minun mai!" Anion exclaimed, sparks flying from her cheeks. She had a feeling Ami was going to use Bell, but she waited for Ami to actually confirm or deny these suspicions before attacking. Oh, yeah, and waiting for Keith to give a command- that was kinda important, too.

"Wow," Dennis remarked, having warped into incredibly spacious stands. "This is some good seating right here. Geez. You could hold official Pokémon League tournaments in this place!"

"Oh, no, Nitro was pretty happy on the team," Chuck replied. "Obviously quite saddened when Keith traded him away, but from what I heard there were ultimately no hard feelings. Though I think the Trainer in question is one of the ones who fled the region when the old Elite Four disappeared..." he frowned.

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