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Ami grinned at the positive response the cocoons had received- that Burgh sure knew what he was doing! Her demeanor quickly turned as serious as Keith's was giddy. She might not have stood much of a chance at claiming victory, but she certainly wasn't about to hand her pride on a silver platter either... "Are you going to use one of the pokemon you already have on you? If not, the PC's over there!" She pointed at the device nestled in a corner, relatively out of harms way.

There was a bit of a blur, and then the venusaur found himself in the elevated stands that lined the room. Even though it seemed like the owners of the place had no intention of having a lot of guests over all at once, it was clear that they had thought of that eventuality- they were quite spacious and fully capable of seating a small crowd if need-be.

'Wonk ot ecin s'taht!' The Revolving Pokemon had a bit of a ponderous look on his face. 'Hguoht, yppah eb t'ndluow brotlov a yhw ees nac I...'

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