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It was a strange sensation. A shift in air pressure. A tightness. Pure darkness. A second's worth of swift downward movement, a brief period of slowing down... and then, they were there. Keith stumbled out into his destination, looking a bit bewildered, but mostly as though he'd just had the time of his life. "Whoa..." he murmured. "Let's do that again!" he grinned.

"Mai maaiiii!" agreed Anion.

"Oy..." Meowth groaned, having found his way to the battlefield himself. "I still ain't doin' it. I don't tink youse'd appreciate Meowth barf all ova dat ting."

Keith grinned at Ami. "Honestly? Beats the hell out of stairs," he replied. "I gotta say, Bell did a pretty good job. So, I'm ready to battle whenever you are," he added, his grin widening with anticipation- nothing like a good battle to get Keith Masters all fired up.

"None taken," nodded Dennis. "You should've seen Keith's old Secret Base- the whole thing was a tight fit for me ever since I evolved. He's making sure the new one being built is gonna be a way better fit for me, though." As he spoke, he stepped over to a warp circle.

"I hope so as well," Chuck nodded. "Though Keith does sometimes learn how they're doing. Three of them actually went to one of Keith's best friends, a skilled Pokémon Trainer named Jake. There was Hannah, one of his Qwilfish. There was Somnus, a Drowzee; and there was Vernon, a Tauros. There were others as well- in particular I recall Nitro- Keith's Voltorb. More laid back and relaxed than you'd expect a Voltorb to be. Very nice guy."

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