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The shift in air pressure around the pair was more than enough to sweep them off their feet despite knowing it was coming, plunging them in a tight, silky darkness. There was about a second of rapid downward movement, followed by a moment of slow down before sending them stumbling into their destination. A look around the arena revealed that not only was there a similar cocoon for all four walls, but each possessed a long cord leading to the ceiling. They may have seemed too thin to contain a human, but their last experience easily said otherwise.

"So, what do you think?" Ami was already standing on the battlefield portion of the arena. "Bell here made them all himself!" The dewpider on her shoulder looked aside modestly in response to being called out.

Butternut followed him for a bit before rushing ahead to the warp circles. 'I'd reccomend usin' dese,' he explained. 'da stairs look like dey'd be a tight fit for ya, an' dose things-' he pointed at the cocoons '-would be an even tighter one. Er, no offence.'

'Ma I sa yppah sa eb ot emac lla yeht, yllufepoh,' Elen stated earnestly. It was an awfully hard thing to tell exactly who had passed through Keith's ownership, but the inkay knew there was another on Chroma's team.

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