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Dennis grinned, leading the way after the group.

Ami explained about the various ways to get to the battle room- there was a staircase, there was a warp panel, and there was also several odd white domes. Cocoons, Keith realized. And they were apparently Ami's preferred means of traveling to the battle room. Keith was rather astonished as it sucked in Ami and Bell. "...Wow," he remarked, sounding slightly freaked out, but much more intrigued than anything else. "Meowth, what do you think?" he asked.

"I tink I'm takin' da stairs," Meowth stated, hopping down off Keith's shoulder and sprinting towards the staircase Ami indicated earlier.

Keith shrugged, and turned to face Anion... only to see nothing on the other shoulder. He looked down, and saw Anion tugging on his pants leg, trying to pull him towards the cocoon. Chuckling, he scooped up the brash Minun. "I think that answers the question I was gonna ask," he grinned. "You wanna give that a shot?"

"Mai! Minun maiii!" Anion nodded eagerly.

Keith's grin widened. "So do I, honestly," he replied. "Alright, let's do it," he stated, stepping before the cocoon just as Ami had done.

"Well, I don't really try to follow the politics of it all much myself," Chuck responded. "All I know is that the old Elite Four were... rather universally disliked. My Trainer was more or less the only one affected by their decision to reinstate PC storage limitations. He had to find new homes for many of his Pokémon."

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