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Butternut looked up, a little confused. 'Isn't dat... the arena? Looks like there's gonna be battle!' He nodded briefly. 'Yeah, let's check it out!'

Ami led the visitors to a collection of things on the other side of this section of the Loop. "You've a couple options to get there. You could take that staircase if you wanted to, or this warp circle. The others lead to the stands, so be careful there." She walked up to one of the two white domes. "Personally, I prefer traveling this way!" There was a brief change in air pressure, followed by both the girl and her dewpider getting sucked to the cocoon and disappearing within.

'Taerg s'Amorhc!' The inkay exclaimed cheerfully. 'Hguoht, scitilop eht teg yllaer t'nod I...'

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"
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