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"Fair point," Keith chuckled at Chroma's words. He nodded, following Ami, though gestured for Anion to follow as well.

"Ahh, so you're that Inkay, then," nodded Chuck. "Keith did mention you before- he told me he was seriously considering keeping you, only this was a time when Trainers were only allowed to keep so many Pokémon at a time. That's been the case with many Pokémon, and he's always done his best to ensure they go to good Trainers. I take it he's succeeded in this case?" he asked.

"Ooh, so do I, actually," Anion replied, seeing Keith gesturing for her to approach. She raced over and climbed up onto Keith's unoccupied shoulder (to Meowth's relief). Nagini, likewise, went to follow them.

"Oh, hey, look, they're all going somewhere," Dennis remarked. "Butternut, you wanna check it out?" he asked the Pumpkasaur.

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