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Hearing the commotion that Patches has stirred up by just trying to make her way into the Hatchery, Miss Lulu scurries out to the lobby to see what's going on. Stumbling over herself, the trainer staggers up to the front desk, met by the nursery attendant's usual warm smile. Miss Lulu rubs Mio behind the ears as she nods at Patches' excited words. "Yes, of course I remember you," she says reassuringly, but then the brunette's face turns solemn. "...I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but that was no egg, just a strangely rounded rock."

She barely has time to watch the trainer's expression before she cracks a grin. ", no, of course I'm kidding!" Miss Lulu giggles. "Oh, I do hope you didn't take my little gag too seriously. You just seem so thrilled to see the new baby, and... well. Come through, come through!" She beckons Patches and more or less skips through to the nursery area. As the two women pass through the doorway, Miss Lulu bows deeply, her conscience having caught up with her. "I'm sorry! I know I shouldn't joke like that!"

Looking sheepish, the nursemaid drops to the floor alongside the hatchling, who immediately scuttles over and places his tiny front feet up on Lulu's leg. It's obvious that this Pokémon isn't exactly light, but the young lady in her ruffled attire doesn't seem at all bothered by the weight bearing down on her. "I guess I've just been in a silly mood from playing with this little guy," she says, letting her tongue hang out of her mouth as she shakes her head from side to side. Though this Pokémon's face seems more like a mask than anything, he's clearly delighted and makes his own best ridiculous face back at her. Miss Lulu giggles again and the baby beams with pride.

"I'm sure he'll bring a lot of joy into your life," she says, turning her attention back to Patches. "He's something special!" Affectionately, she strokes the horn-like protrusion coming from the Pokémon's head, but winces and pulls her hand away after a moment or two. She blows some warm air onto her fingers, rubbing her hands together to get the blood flowing again. "And a pretty cool customer, too, I must say. I hope you'll get along!"

Patches has hatched a lv. 1 male Bergmite!

As Patches is heading back out on her next adventure, a rather muscular young man holds the door open for her. He's inside the Hatchery before Miss Lulu has a chance to get back to her quarters, but she was anticipating his arrival anyway. "Ah, hello Jayson! How wonderful it is to be able to introduce trainers to multiple new arrivals in a single morning!" Wasting no more time, she hurries back down the hall, leading the way for the next expectant trainer of the day.

For just a second, Miss Lulu gives her still chilly hands a shake, flexing her fingers as she scans the room. "Now, where did that cheeky little lady get to this time..." Jayson is startled by a sharp poke at one of his legs. Fortunately, the thick brown denim he sports protects his calf from any real pain from the claw jabbing at him. In the blink of an eye, Miss Lulu is on the creature, scooping her up before her segmented stinging tail can be put into use. The young woman shakes her head sternly, clucking her tongue. "Uh-uh, we mustn't play tricks on Jayson now. He's here to look after you. Let's be nice, okay?"

The purple tangle of claws locks the trainer in her gaze, but there's no malice or anger in her enormous blue eyes. She's merely trying to offer a greeting the best way she knows how. Instead of another strike, she tries waving her pedipalps from side to side. "There, that's much better," coos Miss Lulu encouragingly. After a quick farewell cuddle, she lifts the Pokémon up towards the considerably taller trainer's arms. "She's a scamp, but a good girl at heart. You'll take good care of her, won't you?"

Jayson has hatched a lv. 1 female Skorupi! Your Pokémon knows the Egg Move Feint Attack.
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