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Ami was surprised by the sudden and unexpected battle challenge, which Keith in turn was not surprised by. It did, after all, seem a bit out of nowhere. But then, considering how disturbed Ami had seemed by the conversation about Banette and killing and whatnot, something completely different seemed, at least in Keith's opinion, to be exactly what they needed.

Keith smiled as Ami accepted the challenge. "Alright, then," he nodded. "You mentioned there was a battle room, right?" he asked. "Chroma, is it OK if we use it for our battle?"

Chuck grinned. "You're very welcome," he said to the Inkay. "By the way- you've met Keith before?" he added, noting the warm welcome Keith had gotten from this Inkay.

"Fair enough, we tend to learn a good number of moves that work for that," nodded Dennis. "In fact, a strategy Keith likes pretty much the whole team to be capable of is poisoning opponents to hinder them, and he teaches the Venoshock move to as much of us as possible- it's even stronger than normal against poisoned enemies."

"Yeah, not even worth arguing over," agreed Anion. "Besides we each learned something new about each other, so I'd say that's a good thing, yeah?"

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