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"Huh?" Keith's challenge came waaaaay out of left field considering the recent conversation, so it was only natural that it would surprise the less experienced tainer. "Only one of my pokemon capable of using mine is here, though..." She closed her eyes and mulled over it for a moment, before standing up suddenly. "As long as you don't mind an easy victory, I don't see much of a reason not to accept!"

'Ees I, ees I!' Elenchos seemed to take that explanation stride (or was it propulsion in his case?) as flipped himself back right-side up. 'Noitanalpxe eht rof sknaht!'

'Well, yeah, but I also like to hinder the enemy while I'm at it,' Butternut explained. 'Though all mah attempts at doin' so seem to only make dat guy even stronger instead...'

'...Maybe. I think we're just going to see this differently, then...'
Bell chuckled, which sounded a little peculiar through the bubble. 'It's a very, very stupid argument to have, anyway!'

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